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Why is there shock over the declawing of dogs but not for cats? — 4 Comments

  1. Also, people need to know how to properly trim their cats’ nails. It’s very easy, and any groomer will be glad to show you how. So will a vet, if they have any conscience at all. Just cut the hook part in the white area; avoid the pink area (quick). People just need to stop being so lazy, and do it. Get someone to help hold the cat if necessary. Be gentle, and cats will learn that regular nail trimming is just a part of life.

  2. NO animal should be declawed. God gave them their claws for a reason, and there’s no benefit medically for the animal, unless the paw is deformed, as in some polydactyl cats. Even so, the deformed toes only are removed, the rest of the paw is intact. I know this, as it happened to a poly cat I had. One of his toes had a thickened nail which cut into his paw. I had that one removed on both feet, and he was much happier. The rest of his nails were fine. This barbarism needs to stop–worldwide–NOW!!!

  3. I rescued a kitten 3 years ago and everyone asked me if I was having her declawed – my answer was simply a question back to them… “would you like to have your fingers amputated”? No, you wouldn’t but that’s what declawing is and I would never do that to my pet.

    Yes, I’ve been scratched many times but all the times were my fault for playing to rough with her. I take precautions and warn people that she has her claws and that she doesn’t always know to keep them to herself. If my friends are over with their small ones, I just put the cat into one of the spare rooms so avoid any type of issue.

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