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Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them — 8 Comments

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  2. I stopped patronizing PetSmart when I learned that their partner, Banfield Vet Hospital declaws kittens and cats, as part of their “Wellness Program”. Many people don’t realize this.

    Another thing that my local PetSmart does is store pet food in a large window area, where the Western sun shines on the food. Pet food should be kept COOL in a DARK place. PetSmart isn’t so smart. I took pictures of this last summer 2017. Any of that food could have easily gone rancid, and pets may have gotten sick, with guardians not having a clue to the connection.

  3. Thank you for using 2 of my posters Michael, I know PoC has a lot of visitors who truly do love cats and who will hopefully help our anti declaw cause by sharing your article. We aim to reach as many people as we can to educate them, as some still don’t realise how essential cats claws are to them.

    • Many thanks for the posters Ruth. You do great posters and I know they have saved many cats from undergoing that disgusting and unforgivable, legalised abuse of the worst kind which vets call an operation.

  4. Ah our two wodgies are 13 days old and quite mobile. The need their little needles to scoot around. The one had open eyes at 5 days and the second is just now getting his open. They would be helpless without their Velcro.

      • Oh my they stick to everything right now. I guess I have trouble understanding the logic used to declaw. My own use their scratchers. In fact the one in the living room prime location looks like it’s been attacked by piranha. Time to resurface. With very little effort I have taught the mama cat to use her scratchers. It is as natural as using a litter box for cats. I think some of the attitude comes from the notion often put forth that cats are easy and don’t need a lot of upkeep. All I’ve ever used is gentle redirection. I will be glad when the day comes and it’s illegal.
        It does not as vets and owners claim keep a cat in their home. Often it simply makes an annoying habit into a major behavior issue making the cat unadoptable when surrendered.

  5. I greatly appreciate anyone who ‘Loves Cats’ enough to educate others on how not to cause them damage or hurt them in anyway, shape or form. God did give cats their claws because they need them for their entire lives. PLEASE_Do Not allow your precious cats to go thru this Horrific and Unethical Abomination.
    If you feel that your damn couch is more important than your babies, then it is time to re-evaluate
    where your heart lives. If you are a person whom just does not care; then for Heaven’s sake adopt your cat to a better home with loving guardians !___________Eva D.R.Force

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