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Why Kristen Lindsey should be put on trial for her alleged crime — 12 Comments

  1. Michael, there’s a problem with your second supposition. As pointed out by a vet on FB, and if one stops and notes, Tiger was not dead As she dangled him cruelly by the arrow she shot through his head at close range. If Tiger had been dead is forelimbs would’ve been dangling limp by his side. If you have ever had the need to scrub a cat that is what their limbs look like.

  2. Also, Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. Staying on top of this, is exactly what is needed, in this case.

      • I wonder if the police checked the original photograph for GPS location?

        I’d read that this particular D.A. has a poor record when it comes to prosecuting animal cruelty cases. The shoddy excuses for not prosecuting are an insult to the public’s intelligence. Kudos to the AVMA for publicly rejecting the D.A.’s euthansia argument.

        I just hope the ALDF are allowed to review the case files. If they are able to proceed with a prosecution, I’m sure the public donations would come rolling in.

  3. I wasn’t surprised at all by their findings, but do they really think the public is that dense? Their conclusions made no sense at all. They can’t even, have investigated it.. They obviously don’t care. I was hoping that things had changed, but again, was not surprised they hadn’t. Never talked to owners, comment from owners? Are they even elderly? The kitty seem to be riding around on the lawnmower. Very confusing. Absolutely should not be a veterinarian! I thought or assumed, veterinarians came with a natural compassion for all animals.

    • So, we need to think again about who we entrust our pets to.
      How can we tell who is twisted and who isn’t?

    • They can’t even have investigated it.

      This is correct. They don’t want to. They want to kick it into the long grass or bury it. They want it to go away.

  4. The hate mail that I’m reading is out of this world. My opinion is that this young sociopath needs to have a bodyguard or she won’t make it back to court.

  5. At the very least Lindsey should stand trial because she enjoys killing or trying to kill animals and she deliberately went into the veterinary field. That is very disturbing to me, like a child molester finding work at a day care center in order to get to his victims. I realize she will probably never see the inside of a court room for this. Society doesn’t hold cats in very high regard.

  6. It is going to be our personal pleasure to follow this woman and discredit her every chance we get. Any veterinary off who hires her is crazy, any one who would let her see their animal is double crazy. She does not deserve a career making a living off of animals.

    • I totally agree with you jan!

      She should have her license revoked permanently, and yes, I fervently hope that any veterinary clinic must “vet” her to see what she has done and boot her out the door.

      Unfortunately that Grand Jury hasn’t a clue about the veterinary profession and their vow to do “no harm”. It’s too bad that no one sitting on that jury was aware enough to convince the others that she should be indicted.

      What a travesty of justice!!

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