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Why owners spend more on their dogs than cats: they want to be masters not servants — 3 Comments

  1. This article sure doesnt apply to me since all 15 of my cats are spoiled,I have more cat toys and cat trees in my home than I do actual furniture and eventually I will have a cat highway built in my living room since most of my cats are tree dwellers than they are bush dwellers.

  2. Dogs have been bred for eons to be submissive to humans. As to veterinary bills Kittens were monsterous and Mercy oral surgery anything but a discount and frog and toad and raising them using the correct vaccines and protocol as well as a qualified DVM doing their spays it was quite a money drop around here. You want real veterinary bills ask a horse owner where surgeries for that family member can wipe out retirement.

    I am my cats guardian. I protect, feed, play , provide stimulating play and toys and an environment meant for a vertical climbing animal. Most dogs I see are toted around like stuffed animals ( the smaller ones ) and the bigger ones are either crated all day to avoid the destruction caused by separation anxiety or are lunging at the end of a lead with the constant threat of escape or toppling their owner.

    I do not understand the pleasure of dog ownership aside from having something that greets you like a nut case at the door while peeing on itself.

    While my clowder greets me it is much more sublime and gentle and relaxing as they have spent the day just being cats.

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