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Why So Many Feral Cats in America? — 2 Comments

  1. I live in a community where the local veterinarians voted against a no cost spay and neuter clinic because they feared they would lose business. I do not understand why they would think this as they had no concern for feral or abandoned cats. How would they lose money for cats that had been abandoned or for cats born feral?

    I am on a fixed income and have felt a strong compassion for feral and abandoned cats and try to get them fixed when I see them in my neighborhood. I got them fixed by going out of town to a more humane city where they only charged twenty five dollars plus a rabies shot when you brought in a feral or abandoned cat to be fixed so that they can then be released into the community and have shelter and food given to them by those that had them fixed. (myself and hopefully others that were concerned and compassionate). I regret to say that this clinic was closed down as they could no longer afford to stay open. In the town I live in, we had a chance to do the right thing for these poor cats but the veterinarians that are supposed to be caring would not allow this town to have a low or no cost clinic. I do what I can and I am sure there are many others like me but it makes me sick to know that there are not thousands but millions of cats that are euthanized in the kill shelter of this small town every year. I will go to my death trying to do my best with the limited funds I have but at least I have done something. I feel sad that the vets in this town have no compassion for these poor cats and are only interested in making money for themselves. I wonder how they can live with themselves. This behavior is sociopathic.

    • they feared they would lose business

      They probably believe it would be the thin end of the wedge. Vets protect their money like a tiger protects his prey.

      It is all about money. That is the prime motivator. There is something wrong at the heart of our relationship with the domestic cat if we can carry on as normal when there are so many unwanted cats euthanized and so many feral cats living miserable, short lives.

      Thanks for your comment. I think like you.

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