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Why some people feel more compassion and empathy for animals than fellow humans — 7 Comments

  1. Michael, I don’t know how to keep Shrimptaro from invading my mind.
    I promised him that I would die with him, if he died before me. ?…

  2. The longer I am on this earth, the less empathy and compassion I have for human adults-and many youngsters. Too bad adult humans don’t teach their children he way the animal mothers teach-we’d have a whole lot of better behaved humans. I much prefer the love and honesty of my animals to the lies and stupidity of humans. The lack of understanding from Jacie is a good example of someone leaping before they look.

  3. Too bad that you’re not closer to nature and understand the natural world better. Every spring some raccoon mothers bring their kids to the yard when trying to ween them onto more substantial foods. When any of their kids misbehave, they are quickly pulled toward the mother and given a hard nip. Which results in the baby raccoon crying and squealing. The mother then drawing the baby even closer and then soothes its cries from being duly punished by the mother by licking and preening its fur. Effectively saying to the child, “DON’T DO THAT! … Because I love you!” Unlike you, animals know when one of their own are not doing what they are supposed to do and are reprimanded swiftly and accordingly. There is no “permissive child rearing” in the natural world because all things of nature are “innocent”. They are taught important behaviors, where a really nasty nip from the mother to learn a valuable life-lesson is much better for that offspring than a fatal nip from a passing vehicle. If only you could learn as much about the real world and what it means to be a responsible caretaker and teacher of animals under your care.

    Your unnatural idyllic Disney-Channel view of the world is as far removed from reality as everything else shown on The Disney-Channel.

    • As I frequently encounter, I am misunderstood. You have misunderstood what I’m saying. In fact you have misunderstood me completely. What you are writing about is a completely different topic of conversation.

      What I am writing about is the human relationship with the domestic cat. You are writing about wild animals and a mother’s relationship with her offspring. It’s a completely different topic.

      So please, please do not criticise me if you do not understand what I am writing about.

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