Why Would a Person Secretly Shave the Fur Off Outdoor Cats?

This is a mystery. It is happening in England, specifically Stroud in Gloucestershire, which is in an area called the Cotswolds.

For some bizarre reason, somebody is snatching cats from the street and shaving the fur off the cat in a series of random attacks. The RSPCA is investigating.

Some of the cats have had their fur shaved several times which has left them with bald patches, scratches and cuts. It begs the question as to why an owner would let their cat go outside under these very strange and potentially dangerous circumstances. It also begs the obvious question as to why a person is doing this and what is the purpose.

The latest attack concerned a rescue cat called Tippi. Tippi has been shaved twice over the previous weeks and, in all, four time since November 2015; quite strange and quite extraordinary. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Tippi’s owner, Lysetta Bray, 56, said:

“The first incident was before Christmas — she came home with a patch shaved from her belly to her leg. Then it happened again a week later. On Thursday she was missing in the morning and when she came in she acted as though she was sore.”

Another cat, Beau, owned by John Kerry has been shaved four times. John said:

“I’m sure it’s taking a real toll on the cat now, the poor thing must be traumatised. I’m surprised she still wants to go outside.”

A local veterinarian has described the attacks as “very disturbing”. She said:

“Clipping a cat’s hair is occasionally necessary for medical reasons, but it is hard to fathom why anyone would do this if it wasn’t necessary.”

A remarkable aspect of this is that the same cats are being shaved in a series of attacks. The cats appear not to be injured although, as mentioned, one of the cat referred to in this article had scratches but that may be due to the fact that the cats resisted and therefore there was a struggle – all, quite natural.

It makes you wonder whether the person who is doing this actually wants animal fur for some sort of purpose. It may be simply that person is indulging in a hobby of some sort which requires fur. It could be as innocent as that. I say “innocent” but this is probably the wrong word because it could be argued that it is criminal behaviour as it is a form of cat abuse under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

There is a book called “Crafting with Cat Hair”. You can use cat hair to make things. The hair is meant to be obtained when combing your cat and when the cat sheds hair. Perhaps this has inspired a non-cat owning person – a pure guess.

This bizarre serial cat abuse is similar to that which is taking place in an area of London called Croydon where cats are being killed and mutilated, which I have referred to in a previous article.

Of all the dangers to outdoor cats in the UK, perhaps the most concerning is aberrant human activity against outdoor/indoor cats, which is in stark contrast to outdoor cat in America which appear to be most vulnerable to predators such as the coyote as a primary source of danger.

Source: Times newspaper.

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2 thoughts on “Why Would a Person Secretly Shave the Fur Off Outdoor Cats?”

  1. I have been feeding an abandoned part-mau neutered male cat who is very friendly. Others in our neighborhood feed him, off and on. He has been intermittently shaved on his back by his tail-his neck in front and back, spots on his hind legs, and his chin. Police are aware, not sure who the culprits is/are but share suspicions with the police dept. Feel sure the person(s) is a “cutter” and probably cuts him/herself, maybe friends/relatives also…. Have a vet I am working with who is aware of situation, said she has seen this sort of thing before. Cat is never actually hurt, is being shaved with a razor-probably disposable- by a person in serious need of professional emotional help. Cat is jumpy and nervous, still eats and sleeps ok.

    1. Nice point and thanks for sharing. It never occurred to me that the perpetrator could be “cutting” as in self-harming. Thanks Nani.

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