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Why Would a Person Secretly Shave the Fur Off Outdoor Cats? — 2 Comments

  1. I have been feeding an abandoned part-mau neutered male cat who is very friendly. Others in our neighborhood feed him, off and on. He has been intermittently shaved on his back by his tail-his neck in front and back, spots on his hind legs, and his chin. Police are aware, not sure who the culprits is/are but share suspicions with the police dept. Feel sure the person(s) is a “cutter” and probably cuts him/herself, maybe friends/relatives also…. Have a vet I am working with who is aware of situation, said she has seen this sort of thing before. Cat is never actually hurt, is being shaved with a razor-probably disposable- by a person in serious need of professional emotional help. Cat is jumpy and nervous, still eats and sleeps ok.

    • Nice point and thanks for sharing. It never occurred to me that the perpetrator could be “cutting” as in self-harming. Thanks Nani.

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