Wild Cat Sighting Staten Island, NY

I’ll let the graphic do the talking:

Wild Cat Sighting Staten Island NY, USA.
Wild Cat Sighting Staten Island NY, USA.
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The NY state Department of Environmental Conservation wisely says that the sighted cat is a large domestic cat. They estimate the weight to be in the order of 20-30 lbs.

However, the cat needn’t be especially large if the sighting is misassessed. Any decent sized domestic cat could look like a wild cat at a distance if the observer is so minded to believe it. That is the key.

8 thoughts on “Wild Cat Sighting Staten Island, NY”

  1. I was out at Crookes Pt StatenIs onNature trail yesterday 12-28-2020 & I saw a Tawney Colored Puma or Cougar . About 5 feet long , very muscular and long tail. Rossi game the Path: I returned today about same time 3-4 pm with no luck. Also saw 2 Deer yesterday crossing the path in opposite direction & one today about 4 feet from me in the brush on side of the path. It startled me as I was looking up the path for signs of the Big Cat,

  2. Hello about 9 years ago I was living in Staten Island amd I seen a mountain lion/puma one evening
    I was eating and my dogs started going crazy at the storm door than I heard what soundes like a weird growl.
    I got up looked out the door and and there was a giant cat walking away off my stoop . I was shocked we lived by a swamp so there was a lot of area wild and gated with no people for him to hide. When I went out the next morning he left 2 foot prints in the flower bed I believe he was eating the fish remains from my fishing trip earlier that day .
    100% big cats on SI !

  3. The summer of 2017 in the early evening I saw the Puma running across Bloomingdales Road into the green belt in Staten Island. I was two blocks away. That cat was very large and the long tail was a give away. It was about 5’0″ long.

  4. Michael! I think that it is not a feral cat or stray. It is definitely the BIG CAT. And in all its nature to be consider “WILD”.

    I assess it with the given facts, let me review once.

    1. The distance of photo taken is 200 feet away i.e. Approx 61 meters.
    2. The estimated size is 4 feet long or a bit above.
    3. The skin color (my instinct tells me that the color is purely of a big Feral WILD cat).

    The authorities may how ever take the matter seriously to avoid any human or animal hurt in this case and they must not take it as “LET IT GO” matter.

    The rest is up to them, or any (serious) expert can come to any conclusion, I think 🙁

    thank you for sharing this with us all, Michael <3

    • Thanks Ahsan for your views on that. I disagree with you 😉 The problem is that people misjudge distances and sizes at a distance. He estimates the cat to be 4 feet long or more but I say he has misjudged it. Anyway a large domestic cat can approach 4 feet in length. Stewie the Maine Coon (the world’s longest domestic cat) was 48 inches long (4 feet). He has died.

  5. Agree.
    Pretty obvious that the cat isn’t a bobcat. And, as pointed out, the musculature isn’t of a wildcat.
    I wish it were a wildcat sighting though.
    I need a little excitement today.


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