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Wild Cat Species in Illinois — 4 Comments

  1. Early June at around 2am I was driving home down River Road in McHenry/Island Lake, IL area. A bobcat crossed in front of my car and disappeared into the brush on the other side of the road.
    I have seen bobcat in CO and have even photographed one in the wild. I do know what they look like and they are pretty unmistakable.
    I was searching online to see if they are a common sight here in IL as I have never seen one before.
    Oddly, turkeys are now showing up all over the area and I have lived here in Island Lake for over 20years and have never seen a wild turkey in this immediate area until this year. Now they are pretty much walking across people’s lawns in my subdivision.

  2. I would think that the upper Michigan peninsula would have a greater wildcat population. But, it’s hard to say. They have routine wolf kills to this day.
    The pictured Illinois bobcat looks very different from our Florida bobcat. Can you explain why?

  3. Many old style farms had many dense tree rows that served as wildlife corridors. Think of them as small forests narrow but long. Contrary to bad propaganda the farmers , not factory corporate farms we have too many of now, recognized maintaining wildlife on their land. So the typical rant to blame people and farming are somewhat misleading. Maintaining wildlife corridors many of which were accidental that have now been demolished for more profit. I come from farmers and the love of the land and nature are inherent. Much like developers should be mandated to install solar and or wind turbines into new homes so should they be required to make reasonable concessions for wildlife.

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