Essay On The Tiger For Kids

This is a short essay on the tiger for kids. There are plenty of facts. People are free to use it in any way they wish.

The tiger is admired and feared for its strength and courage. The tiger has broad shoulders, super strong legs and a terrifyingly hard bite. The tiger’s bite is harder than the lion’s bite. The tiger is a beautiful wild cat, the only striped cat and the world’s biggest species of cat. The stripes of each tiger are different to the stripes of all other tigers. You can know a tiger by its stripes.

The tiger is probably the world’s best known animal. Our admiration for the tiger is shown in many ways. Sports teams around the world use pictures of the tiger for inspiration. One of today’s best known sportsmen is named after the tiger: Tiger Woods. I wonder how much of his skill, courage and fighting spirit is down to his name. Recently his body has become broken like a tiger who has fought too much.

Essay on the Tiger for Kids
Essay on the Tiger for Kids. Image credits: Orange tiger by Goneys – White tiger by Anderson Mancini – Blue tiger unknown author.

For hundreds of years people from all parts of the world wanted to show how courageous they were by hunting and shooting the tiger. Gradually there were less tigers. It was an unfair fight. Although people who know tigers very well are not sure, they think that nowadays there are only about 3,500 tigers in the whole world that live in wild places. People still like to kill the tiger to eat bits of it and make medicines from it. People are frightened that one day there will be none left. This is sad but we need to know this.

The tiger mainly lives in a part of the world called Asia. Asia includes countries such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra and China. Many people believe that all the tigers in China have been killed or have died naturally. There are still some tigers in Russia. The tigers in Russia are bigger than the tigers in Asia. Over thousands of years the colder weather made the tigers bigger because it is easier for a large tiger to keep warm in the cold. The tigers on the warm island of Sumatra are the smallest. They are still very big cats, though.

Tigers are often seen in zoos. These are captive tigers. Almost 900 years ago, King Henry I of England was one of the first people to keep a tiger in a zoo. There are far more tigers in cages in zoos than there are in wild places. The white tiger is a very popular zoo animal. All the white tigers in all of the world’s zoos can be traced back to one white tiger whose name is Mohan. Mohan was found in India in 1951. He died years ago. It is almost certain that there are no white tigers living in the wild.

At one time, years ago, we believe that there were some very rare blue tigers. People say they were in China. They were not exactly totally blue but a sort of blue/grey. It must have been amazing to see them. None have been seen for many years. And there are no blue tigers in zoos.

In the wild, tigers like to live in different types of forests and woods. Their stripes make them hard to see in the shadows and in the sort of sunlight that falls on forests and long grasses. Tigers, though, have moved away from places where there are people. Some tigers live high up in the cold mountain slopes of the Himalayan mountains in a country called Bhutan. This is north of India. The tigers are safer there. These are the highest tigers in the world. They live more than 4,000 feet up.

The tiger is a meat eater, a carnivore.  The tiger will kill any animal it can. Using its massive strength it is able to catch and kill animals to eat that are much larger than itself, even animals that weigh more than 2,000 pounds. The tiger will get close to an animal it wants to kill and then rush to attack it. It will pull it to the ground if possible. If the animal is large the tiger will bite its throat so that it cannot breath. In one meal tigers eat about 55 pounds of food during the night. This is about the weight of an entire 5 year old kid! Scary stuff.

Kids should always be careful when near a tiger even if the tiger is behind bars. They are beautiful but they can be dangerous. Kids and all people should respect the tiger.

The tiger has no enemies that can kill it other than people, a large pack of wild dogs and possible a large bear.

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