Tiger Roar Facts For Kids

Tiger roar facts for kids
Tiger roar facts for kids

We cannot hear a part of the tiger’s roar. This is because some of the sound of the roar is so low that we are unable to hear it because our hearing is not good enough.

The sound of a tiger’s roar is scary. It is so scary that it can paralyze some animals that hear it because it is such a loud and low sound.

The roar of a tiger can be heard more than one mile away. The tiger roars because he wants to say something to another tiger from a long way away.

One reason why a tiger wants to say something to another tiger at a long distance is because he wants to mate with a female and he is calling her. Another reason is because he is announcing that he has killed a large animal. There may be other reasons but at the moment people aren’t sure what they are because they’re still studying the tiger and other wild cats

The tiger is one of four big wild cats who can roar. The others are the lion, jaguar and leopard.

Experts, who are people who know cats very well, think that the tiger’s roar is different from the roars of the other big cats.

Cats can either roar or purr. So, for example, the mountain lion can purr but it cannot roar. The tiger cannot purr.

The tiger can roar because he has a voice box that is extra long at about 4 inches (10 centimeters). The voice box is an organ in the neck of the tiger and other mammals. An “organ” is certain part of an animal that is inside or on the animal and which does certain things.

When air from the tiger’s lungs go through the voice box its walls vibrate, which produces the sound of the roar. The word “vibrate” means to move back and forwards fast and evenly.

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