Wild Cats of South America (for kids)

This is a page that lists the wild cat species of South America. Please note that it is being built slowly. There are links to pages on each of the cat species (this is growing as at November 2012).

There are ten different cat species in South America. This is the same number of species that are found in Southeast Asia and one more than the number of wild cat species in Africa.

These are the wild cats of South America. The heaviest is at the top. The lightest and smallest is at the bottom. Clicking on the link or the image takes you to a page on the wild cat species written in plain English.

  1. Jaguar (31-121 kilograms – kgs)
  2. Puma (25-80 kgs)
  3. Ocelot (6.6 -16 kgs)
  4. Jaguarundi (3.5-7 kgs)
  5. Geoffroy’s cat (2.6-6.5)
  6. Andean mountain cat (4-5 kgs)
  7. Margay (3-4 kgs)
  8. Pampas cat (1.7-3.7 kgs)
  9. Kodkod (1.5-2.8 kgs)
  10. Oncilla (1.5-2.8 kgs)

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