Wild Logic, Instinctive Killing, Instinctive Caring

Wild Logic, Instinctive Killing, Instinctive Caring

by Michael

This is a video that Dorothy found for me. It shows what I have referred to a wild logic. The leopard instinctively kills prey to survive and in this case the leopard attacks a Baboon, which is also a foe. The leopard is young and inexperienced. It does well but then the story takes an unexpected course.

The leopard’s instincts on discovering the baby Baboon are almost at the other end of the spectrum to the instinct to kill. Her mothering instincts take over. She wants to care for the baby rather than kill it and eat it. Perhaps the leopard killed the mother Baboon as a way of eliminating a foe and not as a food item. I don’t know. Troops of Baboons can and do kill leopards.

It is strange and normal at the same time. I suspect the tragedy though is that the newborn Baboon died soon afterward.

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Wild Logic, Instinctive Killing, Instinctive Caring

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Mar 23, 2012
by: Edward

Thats made me sad that little orphans face looks so bewildered and the big cat looked like it regretted it but its survival instincts and animals accept it and we dont usually see it.

Mar 22, 2012
by: Ruth

Nature in the raw, beautiful but cruel!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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