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I would like to show you some wildcat art in the form of oil and watercolor paintings. The artists are both extremely talented; Rochelle Mason who paints in oils and Linda Dupuis-Rosen who paints in watercolors. Both artists wish to raise the profile of the endangered wild cats particularly the lesser known ones.

Rochelle Mason

Rochelle has a website: RMFA Traveling Exhibits & Fine Art (new window or tab).

Her goal is to raise awareness about endangered species through art so the art is not only about the wildcats.

She is part of the organising team who run the travelling exhibit: Focus on Nature: Wildcats of the World that shows all the wildcats of the world in beautiful paintings.

The venues have included: Bern Natural History Museum, Bern, Switzerland — Oxford University Natural History Museum, Oxfordshire, England — Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Abingdon, England — Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Pacific Grove, California, USA and the Feline Conservation Federation Convention, Dallas, Texas.

I’d like to show you a video that I made of the fine art of Linda and Rochelle:

Linda Dupuis-Rosen:

Linda also has her own website: Linda DuPuis-Rosen Wildlife in Watercolor (new window or tab)

Linda’s goal is also to raise awareness of our responsibilities towards nature, the environment and wildlife including the beautiful and talented wildcats.

Linda likes to see things first hand and has travelled extensively. She supports through the giving of her time and through her artwork a number of wildlife conservation organisations.

I would like to thank both Linda and Rochelle for letting me make a video of their work. The video shares the wildcats between both artists. The video contains paintings of more than the total number of wildcats in the world as some subspecies are shown.

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