Wildcat Paw Prints

Looking for wildcat paw prints? There are two main sources as far as I am concerned. The first is usually photographs of wildcat prints and these can be used under license (I’ll discuss that more below).

The second source charge for the use of their material but it is high quality and there is a lot of graphics as well as photographs. I suspect people are looking for graphics and not photos.


Flickr is a Yahoo website and I think it is the best source of photographs under license.

By “license” I mean that a lot of the photographers who store and show their photographs on Flickr allow visitors to use their photographs provided they do so under the terms and conditions specified. This is called creative commons and it gets around copyright.

Remember to respect the type of creative commons license granted and to link back to Flickr. That is all you have to do but don’t abuse the generosity of the photographer and Flickr.

Click on the following link to go to the Flickr creative commons pages: Flickr creative commons.

Here are some examples of wildcat paw prints from Flickr photographers. Remember that these are sometimes scientific style photos. If you want stylized graphics I discuss that below.

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Tiger paw print – photo by kf4lnq (Flickr)

Lion paw print Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania (bottom left) – Photo by Kevin H. (Flickr)

Bobcat paw print boot print – Photo by Dolor Ipsum (Flickr)

Mountain Lion paw print – Photo by s_mestdagh (Flickr)

There are many more examples on Flickr. Go to the creative commons pages and search for “wildcat paw prints” or “wildcat tracks” or specify the cat, “lion paw prints” “mountain lion tracks” etc.

Creative Commons Search

You can search the entire internet rather than just Flickr for images that can be published under creative commons by going to this page: Creative Commons Search. Just follow the instructions and use common sense when there.

Note: Surprisingly they say that the images and information that a search from their site throws up might not be creative commons material! Odd. That means you will need to check. Never use photographs and images that are copyright protected without the permission of the photographer. All material on the internet is copyright protected unless it says otherwise.


This is probably what you are looking for when searching for wildcat paw prints. Click on this link: iStockphoto and type into the search box at the top of the page: “paw print”. You’ll get pages of paw prints. But they charge for the use of this material and it can be quite pricey. Plus use of the images is under fairly comprehensive terms and conditions which you have to read and comply with.

Notes: the top provider Vestorjunky.com indicate that they have wildcat paw prints but I can’t see them. They may be there somewhere. If you can find them they should be free! Another site titled “Wildcat Paw Prints” is nothing to do with wildcat prints!! Uhmmm…you can see that it can be a bit tricky getting what you are looking for on the internet.

Good Luck.

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Wildcat Paw Prints

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Mar 15, 2011 Post Script
by: Michael

Sorry, I forgot to add a link to this page:

Mountain Lion Tracks – this shows lots of paw prints.

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  1. Any idea what these prints are. I live in the country on the east coast of Scotland. The Glove is 265mm at its longest.

    • Roger, your photo didn’t upload. Please try again. If it is over 2m bytes please reduce the size (you can find out how by clicking on the link below the comment box). Thanks a lot for visiting by the way.


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