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Will a domestic cat attack an intruder who threatens the owner? — 3 Comments

  1. The story of ‘Buddy’ the cat still pisses me off today,he attacked her for kicking snow at him and in a story released by Daily Mail she speaks out like she is defending him,sorry but she got wot she deserved since he had been euthanized and that pisses me off even more .

  2. Yes, I remember all of these incidents. Great selection. My own cat (Einstein) was protective of all us at our home as well as a young boy from next door we didn’t even know. That incident was about a big dog that attempted to attack the boy. Einstein went right after and deterred the dog (as Tarra the cat did to save Jeremy in the video above) before anyone else could react. Another time, near the end of Einstein’s life when he was quite ill and weak, he actually chased a pit bull down the street who was simply being walked by his owner past our yard. This same cat would bow or defer to our small female cat (Baby) who was part of our family, so it is a matter of distinction, of who’s who and their relation to us rather than simply having an aggressive attitude, as some people might believe. I’ve seen that cats each have a range of values and possibly even principles that they live by, especially the older they get. Call it a form of wisdom, or at least just figuring out what’s what over time, I think they’re great. Thanks to routine security videos and widespread dissemination over the internet, it’s finally becoming common knowledge.

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