Will bobcats attack humans?

Barring a bobcat suffering from rabies or a bobcat under certain extreme or unusual circumstances, there are no statistics, records or descriptions of bobcats deliberately attacking humans that I can find. I am almost certain that the stats don’t exist which means that bobcats don’t attack humans. This is unsurprising as, in general, humans scare bobcats which is the correct response. It is best that bobcats don’t become habituated to the presence of people as it can cause conflict with a potentially bad outcome for the bobcat.

Bobcat. I can’t attribute the photo because I can’t find the name of the photographer.
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There are records of rabid bobcats attacking humans but the cause of the attack is the disease not the wilful actions of the cat. I mention unusual circumstances when an attack might take place. It is hard to think of one. Perhaps if a bobcat is cornered and in fear of attack by a person and death, the cat might strike back in defence. We’ll call it defensive aggression but this far from the circumstances envisaged by the person asking the question in the title to this short post.

For comparison, in the USA, CDC states that there are 4.7 million dog bites annually. A dog bite is the result of an attack. There’ll be a similar number of cat bites. It kind of puts the bobcat’s behaviour in perspective, I think.

The question is asking whether bobcats attack people as prey items. The answer to that is positively No. There is nothing more to say so I’ll stop. If you can correct me please do so in a comment. I’d be pleased to reveive it.


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