Will Declawing Soon Be History?

I hope so! The end to this cruel surgery must be in sight now thanks to The Paw Project Vets and their hard scientific evidence of the horrific consequences to cats.

The Paw Project Team

  • Jennifer Conrad, DVM – Founder and Director
  • Jim Jensvold – Assistant Director
  • Kirk Wendelburg, DVM – Chief of Surgery, Animal Specialty Group
  • Jean Hofve, DVM – Veterinary Science and Research Consultant
  • Aubrey Lavizzo, DVM – Colorado State Director
  • Kirsten Doub, DVM – Utah State Director
  • Nicole Martell-Moran, DVM, MPH – Indiana State Director
  • Susan Whittred, DVM – New York State Co-Director
  • Allan B. Simon, DVM – New York State Co-Director
  • Karen Woodward – Social Media
  • Michelle Naden – Digital Marketing
  • Jerry Gillaspie – Programmer
  • Bob Hershon – Animation and Video Editing
  • Jan Northrop – Video Producer
  • Lisbet Thoresen –designer and web architecture

Their Paw Project movie has also done much to help the cause, educating people as to the truth.

paw project
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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The vets still filling their bank accounts with blood money from declawing must be quaking in their boots right now, they can’t go on denying that they are causing cats to suffer.

One person I know will be very happy when declawing is no more. Annie Bruce sent me a copy of her book ‘Cat Be Good’ and inscribed in the first page:

To Ruth. Thank you from all the cats in the USA. We will win, someday declawing will end. You are great!
Annie Bruce

This was shortly after our UK anti declaw troops formed to help our American friends to educate and ultimately get declawing banned, as it is in our country. I treasure that book!

Annie and Willow and Harriett are the three first anti-declaw advocates I met and remember. I know Annie became ill with the stress of what seemed to be a hopeless battle but I don’t know how the other two are, I just hope they are hearing the latest news from The Paw Project vets.

There is so much more knowledge now than when we first joined the battle, Michael’s PoC website alone has saved hundreds of cats claws through the down to earth articles and pictures we have shared. I can hardly wait for the day declawing is no more.

On that day…..


Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Besides making the world a better place for cats, Dr. Globerman runs an all-feline animal hospital, Paws Whiskers & Claws, in Marietta, GA that DOES NOT DECLAW.

27 thoughts on “Will Declawing Soon Be History?”

  1. Howdy Ruth —

    Mea culpa. Have so many sacks of horse poo sitting in my driveway, I grabbed one of them and plopped it on my blithering head.

    No. I’m not against hope. But I misconstrued your poster and text. Was on the way out the door again yesterday aft., but pulled you up on the screen for a minute and hastily skimmed down the page – my eyes starting out of their sockets at what I was reading – which I took to mean the legislation had PASSED: that the ban had been ENACTED. Couldn’t imagine how this was for real within a two-three-day interval, so went back up to the top again, to read the time, place and date of the convention. My wishful thinking was such that I took your poster to mean that PAWS was holding a celebration somewhere or other — but WHERE?

    In fact, your poster & text were a rallying cry…and I’d be a dud at a political rally. There’s such an excess of suffering in the world, I’m usually mildly morose & impassive.

    As to the ban taking another 20 years – if that isn’t unthinkable, I don’t know what is. The son-of-a-guns can’t keep digging in their heels. If the rest of the PAWS contingent are anything like Kirsten Doud, how can the choppers hold their ground? While I’m not an optimist, THAT I don’t believe. xx

    • The message in the poster was ‘One day declawing will be history’ and I truly believe it will.
      It’s OK, a quick glance at something without reading it carefully can easily give the wrong impression.
      WHEN declawing is banned that message will be written in HUGE CAPITAL letters in psychedelic colours on my poster, that’s for sure 🙂 x

  2. Ruth, thank you for acknowledging Annie Bruce, Harriett, and Willow. They are the true pioneers of this cause. They blazed the trail for us.

    Annie is doing well, hanging on to the hope that declawing will one day be a thing of the past. Annie refers to all of the cats of the world as angels. They really are angels. God Bless Annie’s Angels.

    If anyone can find out where Harriett is, I know Annie would like to reach out to her.

    Thank you Ruth.

    • Thank you so much Carla, will you remember me to Annie please if you speak to her.
      I’d also like us to acknowledge Susan Woodhouse who has campaigned for many years and allowed us to use photos of her late declawed cat Mushu who she rescued from a kill shelter, in educational posters
      There are many more ‘grass roots’ people who have educated others for years and campaigned to have it stopped and who will be very happy the day it is banned, we in the UK included.
      Some pro declaw Americans have said it isn’t our business but I reckon that seeing cats abused is every cat lovers business worldwide!


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