Will Declawing Soon Be History?

I hope so! The end to this cruel surgery must be in sight now thanks to The Paw Project Vets and their hard scientific evidence of the horrific consequences to cats.

The Paw Project Team

  • Jennifer Conrad, DVM – Founder and Director
  • Jim Jensvold – Assistant Director
  • Kirk Wendelburg, DVM – Chief of Surgery, Animal Specialty Group
  • Jean Hofve, DVM – Veterinary Science and Research Consultant
  • Aubrey Lavizzo, DVM – Colorado State Director
  • Kirsten Doub, DVM – Utah State Director
  • Nicole Martell-Moran, DVM, MPH – Indiana State Director
  • Susan Whittred, DVM – New York State Co-Director
  • Allan B. Simon, DVM – New York State Co-Director
  • Karen Woodward – Social Media
  • Michelle Naden – Digital Marketing
  • Jerry Gillaspie – Programmer
  • Bob Hershon – Animation and Video Editing
  • Jan Northrop – Video Producer
  • Lisbet Thoresen –designer and web architecture

Their Paw Project movie has also done much to help the cause, educating people as to the truth.

paw project
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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The vets still filling their bank accounts with blood money from declawing must be quaking in their boots right now, they can’t go on denying that they are causing cats to suffer.

One person I know will be very happy when declawing is no more. Annie Bruce sent me a copy of her book ‘Cat Be Good’ and inscribed in the first page:

To Ruth. Thank you from all the cats in the USA. We will win, someday declawing will end. You are great!
Annie Bruce

This was shortly after our UK anti declaw troops formed to help our American friends to educate and ultimately get declawing banned, as it is in our country. I treasure that book!

Annie and Willow and Harriett are the three first anti-declaw advocates I met and remember. I know Annie became ill with the stress of what seemed to be a hopeless battle but I don’t know how the other two are, I just hope they are hearing the latest news from The Paw Project vets.

There is so much more knowledge now than when we first joined the battle, Michael’s PoC website alone has saved hundreds of cats claws through the down to earth articles and pictures we have shared. I can hardly wait for the day declawing is no more.

On that day…..


Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Besides making the world a better place for cats, Dr. Globerman runs an all-feline animal hospital, Paws Whiskers & Claws, in Marietta, GA that DOES NOT DECLAW.

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27 thoughts on “Will Declawing Soon Be History?”

  1. Howdy Ruth —

    Mea culpa. Have so many sacks of horse poo sitting in my driveway, I grabbed one of them and plopped it on my blithering head.

    No. I’m not against hope. But I misconstrued your poster and text. Was on the way out the door again yesterday aft., but pulled you up on the screen for a minute and hastily skimmed down the page – my eyes starting out of their sockets at what I was reading – which I took to mean the legislation had PASSED: that the ban had been ENACTED. Couldn’t imagine how this was for real within a two-three-day interval, so went back up to the top again, to read the time, place and date of the convention. My wishful thinking was such that I took your poster to mean that PAWS was holding a celebration somewhere or other — but WHERE?

    In fact, your poster & text were a rallying cry…and I’d be a dud at a political rally. There’s such an excess of suffering in the world, I’m usually mildly morose & impassive.

    As to the ban taking another 20 years – if that isn’t unthinkable, I don’t know what is. The son-of-a-guns can’t keep digging in their heels. If the rest of the PAWS contingent are anything like Kirsten Doud, how can the choppers hold their ground? While I’m not an optimist, THAT I don’t believe. xx

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      The message in the poster was ‘One day declawing will be history’ and I truly believe it will.
      It’s OK, a quick glance at something without reading it carefully can easily give the wrong impression.
      WHEN declawing is banned that message will be written in HUGE CAPITAL letters in psychedelic colours on my poster, that’s for sure 🙂 x

  2. Carla - Paws Need Claws

    Ruth, thank you for acknowledging Annie Bruce, Harriett, and Willow. They are the true pioneers of this cause. They blazed the trail for us.

    Annie is doing well, hanging on to the hope that declawing will one day be a thing of the past. Annie refers to all of the cats of the world as angels. They really are angels. God Bless Annie’s Angels.

    If anyone can find out where Harriett is, I know Annie would like to reach out to her.

    Thank you Ruth.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thank you so much Carla, will you remember me to Annie please if you speak to her.
      I’d also like us to acknowledge Susan Woodhouse who has campaigned for many years and allowed us to use photos of her late declawed cat Mushu who she rescued from a kill shelter, in educational posters
      There are many more ‘grass roots’ people who have educated others for years and campaigned to have it stopped and who will be very happy the day it is banned, we in the UK included.
      Some pro declaw Americans have said it isn’t our business but I reckon that seeing cats abused is every cat lovers business worldwide!

  3. Howdy, Ruthie–

    OK. Watch me stuff myself in the doghouse…

    Don’t mean to come on like the Skeleton at the Feast here, but I read your post twice when I came in a while ago for a bowl of Wheaties, and the first reading seemed to suggest that the anti-declaw legislation was a fait accompli. A done deal. But then I read it a 2nd time, and found nothing more than your ‘hope’ that things would soon come to pass, etc., together with your list of PAWS Project directors.

    While I know I deserve to be straightened out, I fail to see the reason today – in reading the Comments – for the bolt-from-the-blue steaming bursts of orgiastic ecstasy, metaphorical huggings and high-fives, cork-popping parties, and more exclamation marks than Carter has pills.

    Slow as I am, are we not where we were until PAW’s reports are presented to a jury (whoever they may be) and action – if any – is taken? Yesterday, 99% of the vets over here were whacking off toes left and right. Did they all of a sudden stop whacking away and raking in the gelt? Is there something I’ve missed?

    None of the above means I’m pro-declaw. Opposed as I am, a half hour ago I surfed the site ‘Declawing Your Cat Is NOT Animal Abuse – Captainausume,’ and read the two entries by ‘BioStats’ halfway down some 60 feet of postings. Well-written, if nothing more. Which doesn’t mean I champion declawing. Right now, if I had the inner strength, I’d pelt Dr. Doud & her fellow directors w/rose-petals. But though I wouldn’t declaw a cat, I still admired his measured tones, even if he hadn’t a clue. Am just not into flag-wavings and cartwheelings in every direction when things are today what they have been for decades. Hopefully, you’ve read a hint on FB, or someplace, that PAWS is ready to roll out the cannons?
    To deepen my sense of not catching on to what needs to be caught, I surfed the web for ten minutes last night, and was surprised to discover that PAWS, The Humane Society, and ASPCA are opposed to declawing…though Dee, if I rightly recall, had said they were not. I have next to no interest in debating a thing, but was confused by her observation. She may be right, though. Didn’t read the websites last night, just glanced at the headings, and they’re probably outdated.

    End of incendiary comments. Am self-tarred & feathered up to the eyeballs. Sigh. xxx

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Howdy Sylvia, well what is life without hope? I truly believe we are now on the home straight to the end of declawing. No it’s not going to happen overnight, it might take years yet, unfortunately. But as I said, now there is proof that declawing causes cats a lifetime of pain, the vets who perform it can’t deny it and they are going to look very inhumane if they carry on, aren’t they!
      I don’t know why I’m an optimist, life has kicked my loved ones and me over and over again, but it’s not in my nature to crawl away defeated and hunch miserably thinking there’s nothing I can do.
      Better to keep on trying and try I will, along with the others who live by the great Winston Churchill’s words ‘NEVER NEVER NEVER give up!’
      I thought it would nice to have a cheerful poster and outlook on this topic and for anti declaws to have hope, sorry you don’t agree.

  4. What a wonderful poster and a wonderful dream and I believe that one day declawing WILL be illegal and banned for good, I hope it’s soon because even one more cat crippled for life by conniving veterinarians and uncaring cat owners is one too many for my liking. How can anyone with even a grain of common sense think it right to surgically remove a healthy part of a cat’s paw? It’s something I will never understand but for certain when the day comes that declawing is no more I will be partying alongside you all and smiling from ear to ear

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      No, try as hard as I can to get into the mentality of it, I can’t believe how anyone would want to have their cat declawed, it’s just too horrible to me to even think of. It needs to stop right now, in fact it should never have started, The millions of cats crippled since it began decades ago can never have their claws and their lives back, it makes me very sad to think of so much suffering, so many cats lives ruined.

      1. Me too Ruth, if declawing was to cease completely tomorrow, and I wish to God it would, nothing could bring back the millions of healthy toe ends that have been consigned to the surgical waste bins over the decades that this crime has been committed against cats in the USA, that fact alone makes me want to cry for the pain and confusion that those millions of cats must have felt and still feel today and will feel for years yet to come.

  5. Ruth, you have OUTDONE yourself.!!! This is FANTASTIC.

    I can hardly wait until ALL the states are represented. I can only imagine what THAT poster would look like.

    BRAVO!!!! WELL DONE. Much love to you from me, and ALL the cats in ALL the countries who have not yet banned this horrific torture.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thanks Jo, I think it’s wonderful that the Paw Project branches are springing up in various cities, surely more non declaw vets will be happy to speak out and join them.
      Once the USA has banned declawing I think Canada will follow and then the other countries where it doesn’t happen as much anyway.
      We will definately have our international party when it’s banned worldwide 🙂

      1. I am getting my best outfit all spiffed up! We will be rockin’ and rolling with tears of joy!

        You betcha Ruth!!!!

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      It has to happen soon Kylee, I don’t see how vets can go on denying the truth much longer, when it’s there in black and white for all to see.

      1. Kylee, bebe, my kitten, no they cannot continue to ignore the torture, because that is what it is, as our good ol’ friend Popeye would say. Who was that writer?

      2. Ruth, you are a wonderful optimist. Look…when declawing stops, we’ll make arrangements for a party. PoC will fund it, or at least some of it, so we can all be together to celebrate the victory and savour the moment together.

        1. i reckon we should have like a celebraion here on poc be so awesume. As its just so horrible i just cant imagine having a cat thats been declawed i feel so sorry for those cats that thats happened too. my ozzie off to vet tomorrow to be dematted and have his tail looked at. Hes already giving me growly looks he always knows before we do whats going to happen.

        2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

          ‘They call me a cock-eyed optimist, immature, ammaturely green’
          I really do think the end of declawing is in sight, I hope I’m still around to join the party 😉

          1. I hope, too, that I’m around to attend the party. My imagination starts to run riot a bit when I think about it. Can you imagine the fantastic gathering of the PoC family and other people who have fought against declawing? We would have a fantastic time and we would laugh and laugh and hug and hug each other in joy.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Well thanks Caroline, I love you too, our PoC family will be celebrating for sure when declawing is banned.

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