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Will feeding feral cats in Niagara Falls soon become a crime? — 3 Comments

  1. This sort of battle is so familiar to me. My life was a living hell until our strong TNR program was brought into law and enacted. As a caretaker, prior to TNR, I was harassed, fined hundreds of dollars, and threatened with imprisonment for feeding my feral colonies. I had animal control at my house at least 3 times per week wanting me to divulge the locations of my cats and provide documented proof of vaccinations for those cats I had visible around me. I wrote checks to cover the fines that depleted my own grocery money and more.

    Nothing deterred me (and many others) from caring for my cats. Most all of us have a back up person (our secondary) who will take over should we be “gone” for whatever reason (illness, jail). Most of our secondaries have secondaries also.

    Besides the ignorance of city/county animal services people and the councils, the feral cat opposition was fueled by what I call the “bird people’ who spewed their venom about cats killing wildlife and carrying diseases. They are of the belief that cats will just go away if not fed. Such fools! It’s our job to bring the truths to light.

    Arm yourselves with truths/evidence.
    Come out of the shadows and request to be on the city/county agendas. Post that information everywhere so other caretakers will know to attend.

    • We have representatives in the Greenville area who speak at each and every council meeting. TNR and shelter reform are the main topics.

  2. Thanks for this Elisa. Excellent article. I have written an FB comment. It sometimes seems that the whole of America is battling with the dreaded “feral cat problem”. The solution is unclear to many and it causes arguments because people take up polarised positions: cat haters v. cat lovers and so on.

    The only way forward is to support effective TNR, make it work and write laws which assist in this process. At the same time laws should be written which tackle the source of feral cats: irresponsible cat ownership. A two-pronged approach.

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