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Will I be okay after being scratched by a feral cat? — 4 Comments

  1. You are spot on Michael. “Vigilance” is the key when monitoring a cat bite or scratch. Most infections heal on their own in an uncompromised immune system. However, when the circumstances and contributing factors fall against our favor, an infection results requiring antibiotic therapy. The telltale signs are redness, swelling and heat which radiates from the wound site, enlarging over a period of hours to a day or two. This is the signal to seek treatment immediately.

  2. Unless, of course, the cat was in the last 2 weeks of infectious rabies virus before it died from rabies. A rabid cat that licked its paws, leaving a fresh deposit of live rabies virus on its claws. (Or was infected with any of the 3-dozen other deadly and incurable diseases being spread by feral cats to humans today. In particular, those that are already listed as bio-terrorism agents.)

    Then whomsoever reads your advice and fails to get the $3,000 to $15,000 post-exposure rabies treatment will die an excruciating death by rabies from following your sage and educated advice…..remainder is rude and therefore deleted…(Admin)

    • Despite the fact that your comment was rude and insulting, I have published it in an amended form because it does contain useful information. I wrote the article on the basis that the person lived in the UK which is where I live.

      However, I do realise that rabies does exist in the USA and therefore it does change the response to a scratch from a feral cat. I have therefore put this into the article.

      In the future, if you wish to make a point, even a valid one, please do it politely because then you might get a nice response. However, if you persist in being rude all the time your comment will not be published normally.

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