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Will my cat remember me? — 8 Comments

  1. I can’t really speak to this from experience, since I’ve never been separated from any of my cats for longer than 3 months.

    I do remember seeing the movie “Christian”, and enjoying it so much. I think there are many examples of long term memory in domestic and wild animals after very extended times of separation from their human guardians, and animal companions.

    The joy of re-union is unmistakable.

  2. After I split up with my ex, it took me a year to get Sophie back. I was worried it might take a little time for her to warm up to me again, but she remembered me instantly and was happy to see me.

    My new cat Phoebe was 3 when I adopted her and I often wonder if she ever thinks about her previous home and owners.

    • Thanks Michele for sharing your experience which supports my ideas and experiences. I suppose it is almost common sense that cats remember us but it needs to be stated in more detail than that.

      • There’s a very touching Youtube video of a guy visiting the cat he’d had to surrender to a shelter when his new employer had a ban on pets in the housing which came with the job. The emotional bond between the cat and owner is joyful to see. Thankfully the guy’s boss relented after being shown the video and he was allowed to have his cat come live with him 🙂


        • Nice video. I wish he had decided to live where somewhere else so he could keep his cat (update: I have read the last bit of your comment: great!). I have just remembered the famous lion, Christian and his reunion with the two guys who raised him. This confirms the answer I have provided.


          • I’m unsure of his nationality, but from what I recall, he was a contract worker somewhere in the Middle East and his home came with the job. Apparently he had no choice in where he lived as that was decided by his employers.

            Do you remember the video clip of a lady in Colombia being reuinted with a lion whom rescued and cared for 6 years earlier? The lion was overjoyed to see her and was hugging her through the bars and nuzzling his face up against hers.

            Long term memory is difficult for scientists to study in animals because every creature is an individual. I think for now we have to rely on these kinds of pet reunions, to give us an insight into how good a memory cats really have.

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that Samirah remembers her first owner, even tho she hasn’t seen her in two years. Sometimes she stares at me as if she’s thinking to herself, “You’re not my human,” but like the article says, she seems to remember what my relationship is with her. Thank goodness apparently most of those memories seem to be largely good ones, but sometimes she does seem skittish and confused.

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