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Will there be less lost cats and dogs after Hurricane Harvey than after Katrina? — 5 Comments

  1. It is upon the pet owner to have their pet microchipped and have a collar and tags on hand or on the animal at all times. Every pet owner should have copies of their pets vaccination records with their own important documents like SS card, Birth Certificate and a copy of their drivers license. A baggy of kibble or cans of food in your evac pack. All pets should have a carrier or a harness and leash NOT a COLLAR but a harness. If you dog is high strung you might consider getting them used to muzzle. Rescue can refuse to take an aggressive animal.
    Most of all please get your pet microchipped and registered with the correct information.
    The burden was put on the government to make sure people would be able to evacuate with their pets. It’s up to the pet owners to help by being orderly and having control over their animals.
    I’m not sure what the limit is for evacuating pets from a single household. If you have many pets you might want to find out. We love our pets but it is unrealistic to think you and your 10 dogs or cats should go before human beings.
    Please people when you leave let the horses out of the barn. They drowned in their stalls during Katrina.

      • Many people put their horses in the barn to protect them from the weather. Some people left their dogs tied to porches most likely calculated in their minds to be high enough with the idea they would be back in a day. Just bad decisions made by lots of good people who probably thought their dogs and cats were going with them.
        Chip your pets and make sure you include things like an email address. Something you can access anywhere there is an online source like a public computer. There are numerous reports that cell phones are failing due to the moisture. When I work outside in the rain mine goes in a baggy. Looks like a damn is going to overflow now.

        • So true. Good idea about the phone, tho. Mine is water proof as long as all the plug-inopenings are closed, so I don’t need to worry about that.

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