Willow the White House cat’s favorite spot is the oval office desk

Doctor Jill Biden co-authored the book Willow the White House Cat with Alyssa Satin Capucilli. It is illustrated by Kate Berube. I believe that Willow is now around four years of age. The Bidens no longer have German Shepherd dogs at the White House. You may remember that there were problems of biting. In fact, there were numerous instances of the German Shepherd Commander biting Secret Service agents between October 2022 and July 2023.

The interesting aspect, for me, of the Willow cat story is that she apparently likes to sleep on the desk in the Oval Office with the President, I presume, working at the desk at the time. This information comes from Dr. Jill Biden’s book in which she writes:

“Her favourite spot of all was in the oval office at the President’s side. With new friends being made every day, Willow loved her new home.”

Dr Jill Biden and Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The illustration below is by Kate Berube. As I am promoting the book I hope there will be no copyright issues here. If the publishers object to me publishing the picture here please tell me in a comment and I will act promptly. Thank you.

Willow curls up on the Oval Office desk while the President works
Willow curls up on the Oval Office desk while the President works. Image: Kate Berube who illustrated the book.
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I don’t understand why the book appears to be written in the past tense. Clearly, I’ve missed something. It would seem that the book is a work of fiction based upon fact but I thought it was meant to be a poetic report of what is happening at the White House in respect of Willow. I don’t know.

I don’t know if it’s actually true that Willow likes to curl up on the Oval Office desk next to the President while he works on major decision-making issues affecting the entire world! Perhaps somebody could tell me.

Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, an educator, and a New York Times bestselling author, tells the story of Willow, the White House cat, and about the very special place she and President Biden call home.


The book, Willow the White House Cat will be available online, on Amazon, on July 4, 2024 according to Amazon. The profits from the book will go to charities involved with supporting military dogs it is reported (AP News).

The Bidens adopted Willow from a farm in Pennsylvania as I understand it. Here is a report from my trusty assistant Bing’s co-pilot!

Is Willow alive and well?

Willow, the delightful tabby domestic short-haired cat, is indeed alive and well! Born on January 3, 2020, she currently resides in the White House as part of the Biden family. Willow was adopted by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden in February 2021, fulfilling their campaign promise to bring a cat into the First Family. Her name pays homage to Jill Biden’s hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Willow’s journey to the White House had a few twists. Initially, there were concerns about her compatibility with the Bidens’ German Shepherd, Major. To ensure a harmonious living arrangement, Willow only moved into the White House in 2022. Major, who reportedly had some biting issues, found a new home with friends of the Biden family in Delaware.

Willow’s presence marks the return of feline companionship to the White House after a hiatus since India, who belonged to President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. Willow’s green eyes and playful antics have surely brought joy to the presidential residence, and she’s even become a finalist at the National Cat Awards for saving her diabetic owner’s life.

So rest assured, Willow is very much alive and thriving in her prestigious role as the First Cat! 🐾🐱

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