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Windrunner Cattery Munchkin Breeder — 7 Comments

  1. I purchased my little female Munchkin in June 2017. She’s one now and has been healthy and as active as a regular kitten. I already had a rughugger that was originally adopted from a shelter here in Tucson but owners already had two regular cats who picked on Georgia so they decided to rehome her and I got lucky. Georgia is three now and is also a healthy little girl!Thank you Charlotte for my beautiful little girl.

    • Thanks Gina for confirming that dwarf cats can be or are normally healthy. I like Munchkins. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so happy to know I am not alone in regards to breeding ragdolls/munchkins. The majority of people are totally ignorant when it comes to comments about Munchkins. They refer to them as ‘deformed’ and man made cats. I did all kinds of research on the Munchkin and know for a fact that they are a natural and very old breed. They are a healthy sturdy little cat and are not prone to more or less ailments than any other breed. I love the Ragdoll as much as my Munchkin and I’m hoping they will have a litter soon. I’m not a registered breeder but I am a committed and loving cat owner. Both Merlin(munchkin) and Miss Mew(ragdoll) are house cats. Sometimes I’ll take them for a walk on a leash although Miss Mew has only been out once because she really doesn’t like the outdoors at all while Merlin loves to graze like a cow in the grass. I support your breed totally and would love to share info about it. Keep up the good work and bravo to you for not letting the public opinion dissuade you from your dream!

  3. I bought two standard munchkin kittens from Charlotte in April of 2012. Two beautiful girls, a blue point and a chocolate point. A year later, they are happy, healthy, and full of energy. They run around the house like miniature whirlwinds, to the delight and amusement of everyone in the house. Never have their little legs stopped them from going anywhere but the highest places. My bed or the top of the cat tree, they can reach with a single leap. If they can’t reach their goal in that one leap, they will use other objects to get their. I love these kittens, and you can be sure they are spoiled rotten. I felt from the first conversation with Charlotte, that she was someone I could trust. She did not prove me wrong.

  4. so I really want a munchkin at an affordable price and a reputable breeder, how much are your kitties and do you sell out of state?

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