Wine for Cats!

By Elisa Black-Taylor

A Japanese pet supplement company is now marketing wine for cats. If you want a bottle for that special feline, you’d better hurry, because only 1000 bottles are being marketed.

Wine for cats
Wine for cats. Image by Elisa.
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B & H Lifes is the Japanese pet supply and pet food manufacturer company marketing the wine for cats, called Nyan Nyan Nouveau (nyan is Japanese for “meow”). The wine doesn’t contain any alcohol, so you don’t have to worry about your kitten becoming a cat alcoholic. Instead, it’s made with juice from Cabernet Franc wine grapes, vitamin C and catnip.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau went on sale October 15, Japan Daily News reported. The cost is equivalent to $4. This is same company that produces Wan Wan Beer for dogs. I’m not sure whether any bottles remain for sale.

B & H Life realizes cats don’t drink liquids because of taste. This is more of a marketing ploy to increase company sales since the well known human tipple “Beaujolais Nouveau” will be celebrated at one minute past midnight on the third Thursday in November. They’re hoping the eccentric will choose to celebrate with their feline companion.

Japan is the second largest consumer of wine in the world, following Germany.

I Googled B & H and came up empty-handed as far as information about this company. There are a lot of news media sources reporting the new cat wine being available, but no information on this company or where you can purchase a bottle for your cat.

Hmmmmm….I wonder whether the taste would entice the cats human companion to try a bottle? Catnip has many uses in the US. The tea is often given to babies with tummy troubles. Wine grapes sound tasty, and with vitamin C added, it’s possible this could become a “health drink” for humans. I wonder whether the company has considered that possibility?

This wine for cats falls under “weird news” on the internet. It would be interesting to do a follow up to learn whether the drink has medicinal possibilities.

Would you purchase a bottle of Nyan Nyan Nouveau for your cat? I don’t believe I would, but I’d love to try it out as an experiment. My guess is the product would either help with sleep or perhaps boost the immune system. There are horse products that are now used by humans (Mane ‘n Tail), so the idea of drinking cat wine is interesting.

What do the readers at PoC think about any of this?


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