Wings of Rescue: First evacuation flight of shelter pets endangered by Hurricane Dorian set for Saturday

Wings of Rescue is a 501(c)3 charity founded in 2012, that is well-known for flying endangered pets from high intake and/or high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters from where they’re adopted into loving homes.

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45 cats will be flown away from #HurricaneDorian (Wings of Rescue)
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On Saturday, the organization will be flying out the first evacuation of pets in the path of Hurricane Dorian. A Facebook post asking for donations was put out on Friday stating

“Wings of Rescue needs your help! Tomorrow in partnership with the ASPCA we will be flying the first evacuation flight of shelter pets endangered by Hurricane Dorian. Wings of Rescue in partnership with the ASPCA will be flying 45 at-risk Florida cats and kittens from the Humane Society of Central Florida to our friends at HAWS and the Wisconsin Humane Society where they will be safe.

We are working fervently with shelters in Fort Lauderdale to assemble a group of dogs to fly to safety on Sunday – but that flight is still tentative. Once Dorian hits we will be flying planes of dogs and cats who were in shelters prior to the storm to create shelter space for the tidal wave of expected strays who we hope will be reunited with their families.”

Please help Wings of Rescue prevent Dorian from being a total catastrophe by donating at or by mailing a check to Wings of Rescue, P.O. Box 21747, Seattle, Wa 98111.

Anyone donating $150 or more using this link will receive a free Wings of Rescue “Let The Fur Fly” T-shirt,

Through August 15, 2019 Wings of Rescue has flown a total of 6,272 pets (4,208 dogs, 2,051 cats and 13 pot-bellied pigs) weighing 98,050 pounds, flown 195,600 miles to safety and new homes.

Operation Pit Stop, a program providing free spay/neuters to owned pets in West Memphis Tennessee and Bakersfield California and will soon be expanding the program to Fort Worth Texas and Little Rock Arkansas, was instituted to help cut down on the pet overpopulation.

Click here to learn more about Wings of and the amazing work this organization accomplishes in getting cats and dogs moved to safety during potential emergencies.

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