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Wisconsin couple takes a 14-hour trip (each way) to NC to adopt the cat they fell in love with

What started as a typical TNR (trap-neuter-return) of an abandoned North Carolina cat desperately in need of help has ended with a couple driving from Wisconsin to North Carolina to adopt the cat they instantly fell in love with. That’s a 14-hour trip-each way!

Mickey relaxing after being trapped

This is the story of Kellie, a well-respected cat rescuer who works with the Wake County SPCA in Raleigh, NC and Alexandra, a cat lover who was ready to go the extra mile (literally) to bring home this beautiful cat named Mickey.

Kellie’s heartbreaking story about an abandoned cat

July 15: So, I was helping my best friend TNR some cats that showed up. This one was microchipped in 2007 – no name, just a number. Never reported lost, the address in Salisbury is a dead end and all contact and emergency contact phone numbers have been disconnected. My friend is super allergic and fine with having yard cats, but this cat deserves an indoor home.

Mickey a few months ago before the thyroid issues

July 17 (post trapping): Mickey is bad off and might be close to death. . He’s inside now. I spoke with my vet and I’m going to give him fluids and some medicine to keep him comfortable. He may not make it through the night. Plans have changed and I’ll be dropping him off at my vet office tomorrow.

July 20 (after seeing the vet): His heart looks ok, it’s just large and the muscle is thickened from the thyroid problem. She didn’t see a mass, there’s no clot lodged in the heart (thought there might be). Overall, the report was actually better than what I was expecting.

Thyroid problems caused the weight loss

She also ran the ultrasound over his thyroid and said the glands are both very large. She’s starting him on medication, once a day, but he has to go get blood drawn in two weeks to move up on the dose. She just doesn’t want to do too much at once.

He also has a potential adopter and I made sure that he’s totally medically clear and up to a 14-hour car ride. The adopter just has to follow up with blood work/ medication regulation. He will always be an indoor cat and she’ll pamper him.

Mickey was very ill

Earlier this week: MICKEY HAS LEFT WITH HIS NEW FAMILY! They’re both super nice, he’s going to be a happy boy. It’s so cool how this all worked out. He’ll have an excellent home, people that adore him, other cats to hang out with, and great vet care!

I couldn’t be happier about all of this. They’ll be leaving the hotel at 5AM to make the long trip back to Wisconsin. We’re in NC, if you didn’t know.

Alexandra and Bill drove across the country and back to give Mickey a loving indoor home

Alexandra asked Kellie if she could adopt Mickey and the rest is history. When you fall in love with a cat who’s 14 hours away you can still make things happen.

Mickey in his new home

July 31: I would like to introduce you to Mickey, a very special cat from Raleigh, North Carolina. I have a friend, Kellie, who is involved in cat rescue, TNR in the Raleigh area. Kellie’s friend found Mickey in her yard and alerted Kellie to Mickey’s plight. Long story short, Mickey is 13 and was unceremoniously dumped and left to fend for himself.

Kellie’s friend fed him until Kellie could rescue him and get him immediate medical attention. He was in very bad shape. Thanks to Kellie, her friends and supporters funds were raised to pay for a much needed full medical work up including an echo-cardiogram. He has hyperthyroidism and is now on medication.

He has some other issues. He is severely underweight. He weighs about 9 pounds and should weigh 15 pounds. It is heartbreaking that someone could be so cruel to this handsome boy. He deserves to be spoiled rotten for the rest of his life! So, Bill and I drove to North Carolina to claim Mickey.

Mickey loving his new bed

Besides, Deirdre needs a new boyfriend. She technically has two: Dmitri whom she doesn’t want and Sweetie who doesn’t want her. I’m betting Mickey and Deirdre are a match!

Elisa: Miracles can and do happen

It’s nice to see a story of such devotion. Kellie is known as a feral cat rehabber. She evaluates TNR cases and determines whether those cats can be converted to house cats or if a barn home would be a better fit. Cats who would enjoy ‘indoor retirement’ are privately adopted out or they go on the adoption floor at the SPCA.

There’s much more information (and photos) of Mickey on Kellie’s Facebook page My Friendly Ferals. Donations are always welcome as are items from Kellie’s Amazon Wish List.

According to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the most common clinical signs of hyperthyroidism are weight loss, increased appetite, and increased thirst and urination. Hyperthyroidism may also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and hyperactivity. The coat of affected cats may appear unkempt, matted, or greasy. If your cat experiences signs, please get to a vet clinic ASAP.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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