Wisconsin man described to his daughter in graphic detail how he shot and killed her cat

A Madison, Wisconsin man is out on bond after killing his daughter’s cat with a .22 Ruger handgun back in April. He’s been charged with felony animal mistreatment and disorderly conduct (which is a misdemeanor).

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Stern killed cat to show daughter what he’s capable of (mugshot)

A woman reported to police that her father, Peter K. Stern, 51, described to her in graphic detail how he shot her cat Tinkerbell while the cat was eating. She stated in an interview that he killed Tinkerbell because he knew how traumatic it would be for her and to show her what he was capable of.

According to the daughter, Tinkerbell was disposed of at Stern’s work site dumpster but he later moved the body for burial in the backyard of his Camila Road home per his daughter’s request. 

Stern admitted to police that he “put her down” (shot) Tinkerbell because the cat would run through his legs while he was on the stairs, causing him to trip. Stern also stated his girlfriend was allergic to Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was said to be in good health before he shot her, with Stern telling police that

“Oh, yeah. I took good care of her, really good care of her.”

Stern appeared in Dane County Court Thursday and entered a plea of not guilty. He was released on a $500 signature bond and will be back in court in July. Until then, Stern is forbidden from having any guns possessing any weapons and he cannot make contact with his daughter. 

While this article may be a bit hard to stomach, situations like this go on every day. Women not only have to fear for their own lives but the lives of any pets in the home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a ‘significant other,’ a brother or a father, animal abusers don’t change or get better over time.

Don’t be afraid to leave an abuser, even if it’s a close family member you’re staying with. With social media, there are always solutions on where to leave your pets while you escape this kind of life. 

It’s time to leave anytime a man (or woman) describes in graphic detail what they plan to do to a person or a beloved pet, Don’t forgive them and don’t be convinced drugs or alcohol is to blame. Just get out! 

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