Witch Wanted to Eat Her Cat

In a throwback to the Dark Ages and witches familiars (“familiar” (noun): a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person.), a woman claimed that she was a witch and that she wanted to kill and eat her cat. She got as far as killing her cat, disembowelling him/her and putting the intestines on the stove for cooking before the police arrived having been called by her husband.

witch and cat

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It transpired that the woman required a psychological evaluation and was forcibly taken to a hospital for that purpose. Initially the woman agreed to attend hospital voluntarily but things degenerated.

Voices in her head told her that her cat was a demon.

The location was Denton, USA. This is a sad story; sad both for the woman who appears to have serious mental health problems and her cat. Cats are quite often the brunt of violence for whatever reason. They are vulnerable in the household and depend up healthy and balanced individuals to look after them.

At one time hundreds of years ago she’d have been burnt at the stake as a witch. Her mental health issues would not have saved her I suspect.

In the 1970s in the UK a couple of sisters behaved like witches with their cat familiars.

See: Cats and Familiars Part 2 by Elisa Black-Taylor.

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