With a Gentle Heart like Motzie’s You Have to Share Him With the World.

by Deborah-Ann Milette
(New York)

Motzie sharing his love with Bonnie a handicapped woman  in Florida.

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Motzie sharing his love with Bonnie a handicapped woman in Florida.

I had purchased a cat only by sight and he was to arrive at Logan Airport, Massachusetts. It was a Savannah, a feline with grace, intelligence and poise with people. You could see it in the picture that I picked him from. At the time his name was Deo and the more I looked at the picture I came up with a Hebrew name for him that was Matanah Me Al, better known as Motzie. His name means in Hebrew "Gift from Above," and he was.

I drove 4 hours to Logan Airport and waited for his plane to arrive. I was excited and couldn't wait to see, meet and hold my new boy. A van backed into the garage and they began unloading animals. This woman got called and got her cat, a couple got their parrot, another couple got a Savannah kitten (adorable), but where was my new boy?

Then they call my name and they open a door and a "HUGE" carrier came out, I asked if this is mine, they said yes. Pretty much I think my expression was like "holy crap!" I could hardly carry this carrier out the door and I wanted to see my boy, guess the others did too. I opened the door and coaxed him out and he was as I thought beautiful, perfect and I cried and hugged his mass of muscle.

For four wonderful years we lived life to it's fullest. We took walks, went to shows, traveled together he was my buddy, my best friend my emotional support. There wasn't anything Motzie would not do for me and I shared him with the world. I always said the Motzie is A1Savannahs, I own him but he also belongs to the people. To not share a loving giving animal like Motzie would me basically be me not doing a "good deed" in my Jewish faith.

We have been separated for a while so I can pay fines and move to have my boys back again. But once again he is the product of A1Savannahs under their protective watch. The best people in the world and the only people I trust with my boys.


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With a Gentle Heart like Motzie's You Have to Share Him With the World.

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Sep 28, 2009 Bonding with a beautiful boy!
by: Anonymous

Motzie , Motzie how very gentle you are
Your purr-sonality , your soft purr
The joy of knowing , the joy of showing
your beautiful self , smiles all glowing
You reflect beauty and grace
So very special , love , face to face
I will never forget the sound of your purr
or the soft beauty of your fur
You touched my heart in so many ways
for you dear one lots of praise
For all the ones who tried to destroy
They will never succeed , Go Beautiful Boy!!

with love Motzie!
one old handicapped lady in Florida

Sep 27, 2009 Michael you are overly correct
by: Anonymous

In the state of New York the law after my lawyer reading it has determined that from F-6 Bengals, Savannahs, Chausies, ect. are the only lineage allowed in the state. They will actually destroy the animal if any less than that and it will be at your own expense with a DEC officer present to verify it was done.

Fortunately people who loved both Motzie & Peanut did all they could to help me get them out safely and A1Savannah are their protectors as of right now and I trust only them. That is the biggest reason why they slapped such a huge fine on me, I defied their ruling, these two beautiful boys are well worth the $2,000 fine.

Deborah-Ann Milette

Sep 26, 2009 Sweet Heart
by: Barb Shaw

I met Motzie at a cat show in Portland, OR. Deb plopped him into my arms and he sat there, purring for a full hour. He let scads of people approach him and pet him, while I got all the purrs and cuddles!! He's a fantastic boy and I hope he is okay.

Sep 26, 2009 First time I heard this
by: Michael

Hi Debbie, its the first time I heard how you first meet up with Motzie. Thanks for the story. Hope you are OK and Motzie and Peanut too.

For those who don't know, Motzie is a famous F2 Savannah cat of great presence and fine character who had to leave New York state as hybrids of that generation are banned in New York. They allow F5s don't they Debbie?

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