Wolf Packs RPG: A Warriors style wolf RPG

Wolf Packs RPG ) is a Warriors RPG site with a few slight differences. The main one: the characters are wolves. This is a fairly simple, straight forward RPG with no set plot that is suitable for even beginning RPers. There are four packs in this RP: the Snowpack, Fogpack, Nightpack and Mudpack. As of 8/28/11 you can only RP for a character in the Snowpack, but as we gain members PRing for the other packs will open up!!! We are always in need of new active members!! Check it out please!!

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Wolf Packs RPG: A Warriors style wolf RPG

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Aug 28, 2011
Good luck
by: Michael

Good luck with your RPG site. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Good luck with your RPG site! I myself have gone to “wolf” Warriors RPG sites and have had a lot of fun there. I will definitely check out your site!


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