Woman and her two cats explore America in their mobile home

Quin Gable and her 2 cats Otto and Atlas outside her van
Quin Gable and her 2 cats Otto and Atlas outside her van. Image: TikTok screenshot.
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This is an alternative way to live. It will appeal to many. You could say that it is the ultimate form of environmental enrichment for a domestic cat provided they are kept safe which appears to be the case.

I love it and a lot of other people do as well because Quin Gable and her two cats in a van (that’s what Americans call mobile homes) have garnered over 1 million followers on TikTok. It is indicative, to me, that people like what she’s doing and they would like a bit of that action themselves.

Comfy mobile home for her 2 cats Atlas and Otto
Comfy mobile home for her 2 cats Atlas and Otto. Image: Quin Gable via her video.

She took to social media to spread the word. I guess it takes quite a brave person to do this or a particular set of circumstances which encourage you to do it but once you get into the rhythm of it and learn the ropes, I’m sure that it is very manageable and highly enjoyable.

It is, in another phrase, living ‘off the grid’, meaning all the power is provided by you inside your mobile home.

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@quingable Living in a van with 2 cats! Here’s what I did to make my van cat friendly! Any questions? #vanlife #solovanlife #vanlifecat #catlover #vancat #cattips ♬ San Luis – Gregory Alan Isakov

Quin Gable is described as a “digital nomad”. As far as I can see, the news media don’t explain what this means but I can guess I believe. It means that she is employed in a job which requires her to use a computer and because of that she can travel in her mobile home and function as a productive employee.

No doubt he has special arrangements to make sure that she keeps Internet access. But that isn’t that complicated either because you can use mobile phones to act as a hub or router. That means your connection to the Internet is via a satellite which is in direct connection with your mobile phone in your van.

She lives in her van with her two cats, Atlas and Otto. They are brothers. She’s been doing this for seven months and she’s made her van very cat friendly. As you can see, she has a cat scratching post built into her home on wheels.

Built-in customised scratching post in the mobile home!
Built-in customised scratching post in the mobile home! Image: Quin Gable from her video.

She has a customised cat litter box which got the attention of people who have viewed her video (which is on this page).

She has leash trained her cats so she can take them out for walks in those beautiful landscapes with those awesome views. America does have some magnificent views. One of the great things I like about America is the sense of space you get with the big skies and the big landscapes. This is something that we do not have in the UK and indeed in many other countries.

She says that she goes outside with Atlas and Otto every day and for their safety she attaches Tile trackers to their breakaway collars. Cats also have “light-up collars” so she can keep an eye on her cats when it’s a little darker outside. Both are available on Amazon I believe.

Light up collar for cats.
Light up collar for a cats. Image: Amazon.

Otto particularly loves walking on his harness with a retractable leash. She says that Atlas doesn’t like walking on a leash but he loves hugs and cuddles.

I must say, this kind of lifestyle appeals to me. It is the freedom. And it is the fact that every day is a new day with a different background to your lifestyle. It is a new world out there every time you wake up in a new place, which sort of freshens up your life and makes it more interesting.

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