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Woman chases cat down freeway in heavy traffic — 9 Comments

  1. Love this woman and the couple of people who pulled over to help her!!! Thank God they’re both ok! But…she shouldn’t have left the doors open on the car ??

  2. I probably would have done the same as she did. I’m surprised that no one pulled over to help.

    I once rescued a tiny ginger kitten in a parking lot, but there weren’t a lot of cars. The kitten laid on my chest the whole way home, and of course I kept her until a friend took her. She lived for many years

    Another time when riding with my son, we saw a ginger kitten running in traffic. I asked him to pull over, and try to get it, but it escaped as he gave chase.

  3. Again I can remember several cases where a DOG was in a similar situation and drivers stopped their cars , got out and helped to catch the doggie so it wouldn’t get hurt.

  4. Yes, thank God.
    Still, this cat should have been secured inside the vehicle. I put my cats in a pet carrier and secure the seatbelt inbetween the carrier strap and hook it. Even a trained animal can become frightened and bolt.

  5. Her heart was in the right place, but the cat and she definitely not. I have done this though, and under bad conditions as well. It was dark, late, busy boulevard, no safe place to park, I was dressed in BLACK (I was driving home from a studio where I taught ballroom dancing), and a ginger kitten darting through traffic caught my eye. I circled back, pulled over as far as I could, very luckily caught the kitten on the median, ran back to my car and put her in my glove box. We were both in serious jeopardy, but she was only about 2 months old and there was no way she would have found safety or a residence from there. She must have been tossed from a car I think, but she lived a long and joyous life with me after that. Yes, I named her “Lucky”. And luckily being a dancer in good condition I was quick and agile on my feet. That was a very dangerous thing to do.

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