Woman chases cat down freeway in heavy traffic

This is the stuff of nightmares. It is your worse case scenario if you are a cat guardian. The woman chases a cat down a freeway. We don’t know if it is her cat or if she is rescuing a cat that got onto the highway. She tries to throw a towel over the cat. The woman is not very mobile due to weight problems. She gets the cat eventually and the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) and police become involved quickly which helped immeasurably.

Here is the video:

The important thing is that the traffic, although heavy, is moving slowly on the lanes where the cat is although in other lanes it is moving faster. This fact probably saves the cat and the woman from almost certain serious injury. But throughout the cat could have been killed at any time.

If the above video fails to work properly or vice versa please try the one below or try both. The one above has more presentation in it while the one below is more or less the raw footage:


The advice given by the “experts” is don’t do what the woman did. Would you ignore the cat if he was your lifelong companion? Too hell we would. But it is damn dangerous and it would be impossible and suicidal if the traffic was moving fast.

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  1. Love this woman and the couple of people who pulled over to help her!!! Thank God they’re both ok! But…she shouldn’t have left the doors open on the car ??


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