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Woman crashes her van into an animal shelter killing cats — 3 Comments

  1. I may sound cold but I’m more sorry the cats died than her dying and I will still feel that until we know the exact reason she jumped the curb,if it was heart attack or something medical then that is forgivable but if it turns out she was on her celly then I could care less she passed away,just saying

  2. Damn I can’t even tell that was a vehicle. I think one of the problems is that animal shelters are usually only allowed to exist in the worst parts of the city, like the outskirts where there’s longer stretches of bad road that people drive too fast on. Or in the industrial areas.

    • Actually Albert the SPCA is in a really nice residential area,I google Earth the address and ye can see there are many residential homes near and around the SPCA,google earth the address and ye will be able to see for yeself.

      600 South Street,New Castle,DE

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