Woman in PetSmart parking lot with 3 kittens says if she returns home with them her husband will kill them

This is Kevin Douglas comment on Facebook:

“I had a woman approach me in the parking lot at our local PetsMart with three kittens in a box. She said if she returned home with them her husband would kill them. I wanted to ask her why she would be with a neanderthal but the kittens were my first priority.

They were about 4 weeks old so I bottle fed them until they would drink up the KMR. All three are doing fantastic and cute as can be. I have placed an ancient Haitian curse on the woman’s husband, I hope it comes true.”

I think it is an exceptional cat rescue story. This is my reading of the comment:

A woman lives with a violent husband. He has to be violent to be able to kill kittens just because…no reason. In desperation, she brings the kittens to PetsMart to see if, on the off chance, she can bump into someone who will take on the kittens and care for them in order to save their lives. She’s a good woman. If at all possible she should leave her husband. But this is not always practical.

Then Kevin Douglas turns up. He is approached by the woman and adopts all three in the parking lot of PetsMart. He has done a great job as all three are thriving. Wow. That’s all I can write about his efforts.

I know one thing for sure; he’ll have a fantastic relationship with the three kittens. He’ll love them to bits. I wonder if he’ll rehome one or all three. I’d very much doubt it. He has probably imprinted onto them as their mom and dad for ever.

Then, quite correctly, Kevin puts a curse on the husband. This too is the correct and moral thing to do. It is exactly right and we all hope that it comes true. It would not surprise me if the husband was physically abusive towards his wife.

I was on the Justice for Tiger FB website looking for an update (couldn’t see one) when I bumped into this story.

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4 thoughts on “Woman in PetSmart parking lot with 3 kittens says if she returns home with them her husband will kill them”

  1. I guess at this point in my life after seeing more animal abuse than I ever wanted to even know about I would have gotten her name and called the police. I might have taken the kittens but still called the police.

  2. Kevin is a wonderful human being.Those kittens will be loved and spoiled! As they should be. Would love to see photos although I am sure they are beautiful.

    I also hope the ancient Haitian curse on the so-called husband works! We already know the “husband” is emotionally abusive so, as you wrote, it wouldn’t surprise me either if he’s also physical abusive. I refer to him as a “so-called” husband because he’s not worthy of being called a genuine husband.

    Wishing the best of luck to the dear lady. Hope she leaves him and finds someone a lot better! Or just stays single and enjoys the company of her future pets.


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