Woman keeps abandoning kittens in onion bags outside a Whole Foods store

Two kittens dumped food store
Two kittens dumped food store. Photo: Photo: Township of Edison
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“There are far worse people out there ..this woman at least made sure these kittens could breath and caught the attention of the public she could have left them on the side of the road just the same now the chances of them being adopted are much higher since they are the ‘onion bag kittens'” – Danielle Bosworth commenting on Friends of Edison Animal Shelter FB page.

This is a very peculiar way to abandon cats. A female described as an older Asian woman with short black hair wearing a blue top and beige pants has a habit of abandoning kittens in onion bags outside the Whole Foods store in Metuchen, New Jersey, USA. She adds a note “Please take free baby cat to your home.”

Yes, she’s not done it once which would be strange and silly enough but we are told by the news media website Penn Live that she has done it several times. She seems to think it’s a way of rehoming cats.

It is rather surprising that she has not thought about contacting a local animal shelter and ask them for help. Which is why the Edison Animal Shelter is now involved. On August 27 at 4:14 PM they posted a request on their Facebook page for information about the woman and to call the shelter. The post is reproduced above. The kittens are at the shelter:

Friends of the Edison Animal Shelter: Thankfully the kittens are ok and safe at the shelter.”

As this woman has a ready supply of kittens it implies that she needs help in spaying and neutering adult cats. As it happens, the kittens that she abandoned are in good health. Until now nobody has reported the woman to the police but it is regrettable to say that it should happen in order to rectify what is clearly poor or misguided behaviour.

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  1. Yes, she’s doing something though not enough. Something being the simplest, minimalist thing a human could do. Clearly very lazy and unthinking.


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