Woman monitoring feral cat trap in her car is accosted by Uber driver (tense video)

UK – NEWS/OPINION: I found this video tense and disturbing. A woman who has a Twitter account (@Lifeofaferalcat) is involved in TNR or at least on this occasion she was trying to trap a feral cat. She was sitting in her car and using the car’s wing mirror to keep an eye on the trap she had set in an alley. The alley is a public roadway. She was minding her own business and disturbing no one. She was doing something good for animal welfare and feral cats and for the neighbourhood.

Uber driver accosts woman doing TNR
Uber driver accosts woman doing TNR
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A typical Uber driver whose home backs on to the alley pulls up and complains that she is sitting in her car near his home. He is intimidating and has an aggressive demeanour. She explains what she is doing but she is anxious and upset by his presence (she said she was shaking). And rightly so I’d say.

What is sad is that the woman explains that she hates people and has tried to commit suicide in the past. Below is the tweet she made:

Please RT this is the second time this guy has yelled at me. For saving cats.
@Uber abuse it not on from your drivers
@gmpolice am on public land. SV14 VML Registration. Am shaking cause I told him last time and everyone knows I hate being around people.

I feel for the woman. I believe that she finds life harsh because too many people in the UK have become too aggressive. The country has become too competitive. You can feel it in the atmosphere.

It has become very difficult for many women and indeed a proportion of men. And this woman prefers to have relationships with cats. I fully understand that. The innocent days of the 1960s and 70s are ancient history.

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