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Woman on motorbike saves tiny kitten from middle of busy junction (video) — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t believe it was staged. There is something similar from Indonesia(?) on YouTube….ending is not so happy…but bless him for caring. Google:
    “Man tries to save cat that got hit by car”

    • Thanks Kit for your thoughts. I suppose the motorcyclist wears that Go Pro cam all the time when she is on her bike as a precaution against other drivers who dry carelessly.

      • Motorcycle riders are ‘victimized’ a lot by drivers in the US. NTM: I think those cams are getting popular with everyone. I saw an advertisement the other day for a cam for your car. I also remember when videos caught that comet hittting Russia. They were talking about everyone having a cam for the car!! ?

  2. How amazing to spot such a tiny creature. And then take care of the kitten so kindly. Gosh I hope it’s not a fake film, both ladies seemed so genuine and caring. I can’t imagine it’s a set up. Maybe the motorcyclist had a previous hit and run and now wants to protect herself on each journey. I know the feeling. A man drove into the back of me after I’d had to stop abruptly behind a huge lorrry and my stupid useless insurance company refused to take my side as the man that hit me said I reversed into him!!! If I was a bit more technically minded I’d now install a camera to avoid these disputes in the future so I can see why anyone else would want to protect themselves from unreputable individuals driving vehicles. Once bitten twice shy.

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