Woman raises cash for stray cats by selling her dirty panties!

Raven Nix, 33, sells her used knickers (panties) for £20 ($USD25) a time and uses the money raised (£60,000 a year!) to look after stray cats visiting her home in Bristol, UK. She is known as the crazy cat and bunny lady.

Raven and one of her cats
Raven and one of her cats
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

She also sells pots of pee and raunchy videos. And…here is a good money maker: she gets men to send her money to be humiliated by her by ignoring them. Cool.

Raven is an animal lover (and entrepreneur!). She made £250 by selling two thongs. She can’t resist helping stray cats and forks out for veterinary bills and cat food. One of her rescue cats had a heart problem which cost a lot in vet fees.

Raven said:

“Before I did this if there was an animal that needed me I’d have to think about whether I could afford it – then I found out I could sell my underwear.

I’ve got four cats that live in my house, another that lives outside and there are feral ones that come round so I can feed them.

There are 11 in total that come to get fed. I’ve also got a bunny.

I just take them in. I live on my own and I love them. I’m a real cat lady. I can’t resist helping an animal if I see that it’s in need.”

Raven and another of her cats
Raven and another of her cats

She got started on this enterprise when someone asked to buy her dirty panties which she found disgusting at the time but a friend said there is a market for it so she pressed on and made some easy money.

Raven buys her panties in bulk from supermarkets for £8 for five pairs and wears them for a week!

Some men have a dirty sock fetish so she got into that line of business too.

As for the pee she gets £40 every Friday for a week’s worth of pee. People bid on it. She made £250 selling ‘one of this sample plastic containers.’

She feels independent and financially secure and is clearly satisfied with her business. What a girl! If cats benefit I am all for it.

Source: Daily Mail Online.

3 thoughts on “Woman raises cash for stray cats by selling her dirty panties!”

  1. Good for her! It doesn’t matter what people think. What matters is that she’s making money for the cats, and no one is getting harmed by her entrepreneurial endeavors.

    And it’s much safer than prostitution. Used underwear can be sent, or exchanged for money in a public place. I know someone who’s done it, and there’s a definite market. There are also websites set up for this.

    • Totally agree. It’s quite neat. She is using men’s strange sexual fetishes and helping vulnerable cats with the money. It’s cool. No doubt some of these men dislike cats which makes the enterprise even cooler.


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