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Woman recovers the bodies of cats hit by cars and reunites them with their owners — 3 Comments

  1. No not much warning. Unlike hurricanes a tornado can form in just minutes. It was heading in my direction but suddenly turned east for Joplin. Many pets were ripped out of their owners arms as roofs were torn off their homes. Many times the storm is so loud you can’t hear the sirens. Just google Joplin MO Tornado, it actually knocked a 8 story hospital off it’s foundation. Should be a F6 but they only go to F5.

  2. After a tornado destroyed Joplin I drove around looking for lost pets. I saw many dead cats and dogs. I took their picture and noted as best I could where the pet was. Location was hard because everything was leveled. I then would look on lost pets Joplin and was able to let people know where their pets remains were. I was the only one doing it. I wanted to pick up the pet but our shelter wouldn’t take the bodies. I united several with their families that were grateful to know what happened to their pet.

    • You did a great job Tamara and you should be proud of yourself. It is a very difficult thing to do as was apparent to you because you were the only person doing it. Thanks for commenting. It is sad to me to learn that there were many dead cats and dogs. Was there a warning that the tornado was coming? I would expect there to be a warning. If there was a warning why won’t the cats and dogs placed in a safe place? I don’t understand why there are so many dead cats and dogs.

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