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Woman Relinquishes 42 Cats To Local Shelter — 33 Comments

  1. Did those poor cats live in those crates I wonder? Its so Alien for cats to have to live like that πŸ™ they like their space and they love to be clean so crammed like that in their own faeces must have been hell utter torture!!! I hope they jail that woman then she will know what its like to be crammed into a small space!

    • Exactly, I know some Cats like living in Crates. What a horrible life for them it be. Even my Cats dont like the Cage. They automatically think its for the Vet.

      • Ours love napping or cat watching from the feeding cages. Then again they can come and go as they please. We used the cages for transport when the cats were spayed and neutered so we didn’t have to disturb them when we brought them home. Lola has discovered Sealys cage now.

        • Cute photo. I’m probably going to be in Lots of trouble tomorrow with Jasmine. As its that time. Hopefully she will cope with it well.

          • Furby sleeps on the way and back. He enjoys riding. The worm and temp check up the bum are a different story. Last time he looked at me like he couldn’t believe I let the vet do that to him.

          • Jasmine will be fine Kylee but I know it’s horrible having to leave a cat to be spayed, you’ll not be happy until she’s back home with you. It’s the responsible thing to do though, so well done you for booking her in.

  2. And in between the cat abuse I’m still writing on dogs shot by police. A 10 yr old boy was shot a few days ago by an officer trying to shoot a dog. Then a drug raid where officers beat down the door andd killed the family dogs as the kids 9 months pregnant mama threw herself over her 2 children. This country is scary to live in these days.

    • Ever since 9/11 the US (and to some extent the UK) has gradually become more of a police state with less democracy. It is fear driven. The world is more fearful now than 20 years ago.

  3. I hope that woman is found and charged with neglect and abandonment of those poor cats, the RSPCA here would throw the book at her for all her neglect and then just dumping the cats in such an awful way for them, squashed in cat boxes.
    The number of cat hoarder stories lately is frightening, what cruel fate makes cats end up with those people!
    When will everyone see cats as the living feeling creatures they are!

    • Its just so destressing. I cant believe anyone can do such a thing. Its had in itsself seeing Kitties on DeathRow some as young as 3 months old. Just breaks my heart so much. πŸ™

    • Cat hoarding stories are linked to unwanted cats which are linked to mass euthanasia in shelters. It is all part and parcel of the same problem: neglectful behavior by people in relation to the cat and a devaluing of the cat. These stories as you say are often in the news.

      • Another tragedy.
        But, I have to give this woman just a little credit for having the forethought to take them to the Humane Society (I presume) as opposed to a county kill shelter. I’m sure some won’t be saved, but their fate is slightly better there.
        You’re right, Michael, everything about hoarding or even abandonment is all tangled up with so many unwanted cats and irresponsible caretakers permitting them to breed. This has to be cleaned up before we can ever see the end of kill shelters that I scream about so much.
        But, as long as kill shelters exist, hoarding and abandonment will never end either, because people do not want to take cats there. These people wind up taking in more than they can handle and, some people, really feel that dropping a cat in the forest is better for them than dropping at a shelter.
        It’s all a vicious cycle.

        • This lady is part of a wider problem. She is a symptom of it. There needs to be a rejigging of our relationship with the domestic cat which reduces the number of unwanted cats and respects all cats.

  4. Bizarre and happens only in America !Excellent video explanation of a tragic “CAT HOARDER”.In India we had such a tragic situation with “RACE HORSES” where a once reputed stud owner of “Aligarh Stud Farm” abandoned his farm and race-horses to starvation as he couldn’t afford to maintain them.In a total 6 race-horses died of malnutrition and 40 discovered abandoned.This topic is away from cats but i am conveying the fact that at times “Monetary” problems affect pets and farm animals the worst.

  5. Relinquishes is Michaels word. I still call it dumped or abandoned or thrown away. You get the idea. At least she didn’t kill these. I only hope there aren’t more at her house.

    • I changed he word from “abandon” to “relinquish” because abandon indicates leaving them in woods or something like that. Also she gave them up willingly albeit way too late. It was a half-hearted attempt to do the right thing.

      • Not so sure Michael perhaps she just got sick of them but better I suppose to take them to a shelter as opposed to just opening the carriers and letting them out in the middle of nowhere.

          • Most black women I’ve talked to about cats believe cats are evil. I do have 2 black friends who love their cats. My daughter was surprised to see a black woman as a hoarder.

          • Not racist either however when collecting for CPL yesterday only 1 kind Black lady and 1 Asian man donated. Out of about 30 – 40 people of different origins who donated they were the only ones who weren’t white European. The kindest were the children who were asking their parents for money for the ‘pussycats’.

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