Woman sees stray kitten in Walmart, buys cat food and a carrier and adopts him on the spot

Walmart stray is adopted
Walmart stray is adopted. Screenshot.
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This is a cool video. So immediate. So instant and so correct. A woman is shopping in a huge Walmart. She spots a crying kitten with a heart-shaped pattern on his back (she named him Wally). The woman says something like, “I’ve always dreamed of this day””. She’s seen videos online and suddenly it is happening to her. She’s primed to act positively. She had the presence of mind to video the whole event. Clever.

Woman takes immediate action to adopt a stray cat in Walmart
Woman takes immediate action to adopt a stray cat in Walmart. Screenshot.

“Okay, so I’ve found a box. Here she can clearly get out of it, but I have found a can of kitten food that I am going to pay for.”

She finds a cardboard box and puts the kitten in. She takes a can of cat food from a shelf and opens it. She feeds the kitten from the can. Not a great idea that but I guess ‘needs must’.

All the time she has already decided to take the kitten home. The kitten is frightened and hungry. She gobbles up the food. The next shot we see is the cat on the woman’s shoulder purring and being stroked.

We’re purring and we’re still very scared.”

A eureka moment. The moment the relationship is formed and when they are formally bonded. There’s no going back. She has no intention to go back anyway.

She buys a cat carrier and pays for the can of cat food and buys some more. The lady seems to be a first-time adopter. She acted swiftly and positively. No discussion with others. She did what was necessary. We see the cat in the carrier about to start a new life in good home (we believe and hope).

Going home in a brand-new cat carrier from Walmart
Going home in a brand-new cat carrier from Walmart. Screenshot.

The only issue was whether the cat was owned but that is highly unlikely under these circumstances.

It might have been a neat conversation at the checkout as by this time she had the cat in the carrier. I wonder the lady at checkout asked her to pay for the cat! Just joking.

She takes the little fella home. Job done. Another lucky cat in a good home.


Worker told me this #kitten was dumped in the #Walmart parking lot. Kitty keeps sneaking into the Garden Center. I couldn’t leave it there. #fyp

♬ original sound – Wally’s ????

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

It would be nice to know how a kitten got into Walmart and wandered around. How do you think that happened?

You know what I am thinking? Someone abandoned the kitten in Walmart. Why do that? Because they knew that the kitten will be spotted by someone and because it is warm and safe. It was a handover from one cat owner (a poor one but at least they abandoned in a decent place) to another (a good one I think).

Update: I have just read the following on TiKTok:

Worker told me this #kitten was dumped in the #Walmart parking lot. Kitty keeps sneaking into the Garden Center. I couldn’t leave it there.

It seems that the woman started the TiKTok page to celebrate this cat rescue. Good idea as it is genuine and nice. It has received 1.3 million likes. Justified.

Sometime later, not sure how long. What happened next. Super little video. This is a very good cat caregiver.

P.S. The cat has a Van pattern. This is a Mediterranean pattern which comes from Turkey. You see it a lot in stray cats in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.


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