Woman ‘steals blanket’ from stray cat and strikes the cat with the blanket

This is a little vignette of Turkish street life. There is a cat resting on a mini-blanket in what appears to be a shop front.

Turkish woman in Turkey strikes stray cat with cloth

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Firstly a woman in a grey coat comes by and pets the cat. Then the abusive woman comes by. At the moment she approaches, the cat knocks the blanket onto the ground.

The woman takes a fancy to it and grabs it. The cat ‘grabs’ it back. The woman pulls it off the cat and strikes the cat with it.

The video is taken from what seems to be a television screen of sorts.

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All the comments are in Turkish. Here are some Google translations!

The Turkish version:

“Bu tarz cahil ve sevgisiz belesci yaratıklara kızarak laf anlatarak pozitif sonuc alamazsınız, guclu olan kazanır kafasında ilkel beyinleri, anca şiddet ve hakaret ile kontrol edilir, bu cahil yobaz kadına sakince laf anlatırsan seni salak görur! Tartısmadan gereği yapılmalı, bakalım bir daha kedilere dokunabilcek mi, ya beni bilirlerse diye”

Google Translation (does not make much sense):

“This kind of ignorant and loveless belesci creatures can not get a positive result by telling the words, the power of the primitive brains in the minds of the head, but with violence and insult, but this ignorant bigot if you calmly tell the woman you say idiots! Should be done according to the discussion, let’s see if he can touch the cats again, or if they know me..”

My summary of this is:

The woman is an ignorant idiot…and let’s see what would happen if she tried to touch the cat after striking her/him.

Another comment is as follows:

“Bence aklı başında biri bunu yapamaz yakalanıp tedavi olması lazım”


“I think a sane person can’t do this, he needs to be caught and treated.”

So there you have it. A person heavily criticised and rightly so for smacking a cat for no reason.

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  1. Jane says:

    There are many well cared for and often well defended community cats in Turkey. I hope the idiot blanket thief was an exception.

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