Woman Stole White Persian Rescue Cat From Shelter Because He Was Reserved

Woman Stole White Persian Rescue Cat From Shelter Because He was Reserved

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‘Snow’ is a white, male, unneutered flat-faced Persian cat and he was at a Harlem Animal Shelter. He was very popular and desirable. More than one person wanted to adopted him. Someone got there first and had effectively reserved him. He had to be neutered and processed before he could be taken from the shelter to his new home. Neutering is a state requirement.

Then a woman (see photo) managed to steal the cat. She had been told that the cat was ‘spoken for’. Clearly she was not prepared to take no for an answer and decided to return and take him at around 1:15pm.

“A lot of people were arguing trying to adopt the animal,” ACC rep Katy Hansen told the web site. “That kind of cat… is really sought after.”

The fact that he is unneutered means that the thief could breed from him.

It is exceptionally rare for someone to steal a cat from a cat shelter. It highlights the emphasis on cat appearance by adopters which is why standard black moggies are sometimes long term residents at cat shelters.

Fluffy, white Persians (a purebred cat) are bound to be very popular if selection is on appearance. But to steal from a shelter is very unethical.

P.S. The shelter is: Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter at 326 E. 110th Street.

Source: http://nypost.com

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