Woman suffers from acute ailurophobia (fear of cats) (video)

A CCTV camera picked up this interesting event. It’s in an industrial kitchen in South Africa. A black lady is clearly completely terrified of domestic cats. Two cats race into the kitchen and she panics. She jumps up onto one of the stainless steel work surfaces to protect herself from the cats.

Ailorophobic woman
Ailurophobic woman. Screenshot.
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An irrational fear of cats is called ailurophobia. This is a good example of it. I’ve not seen a better example on video. I suspect that in South Africa there are community cats; semi-domestic cats living in the community near shops usually. Perhaps they wandered into the kitchen through an open back door.

Ailurophiles love cats. Ailurophobes fear cats. There is quite a pronounced degree of superstition regarding black cats in Africa. This woman’s fear of cat may be linked to superstition about cats being evil.


How to Cure Ailurophobia?

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