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Woman takes on the voice of her young cat

Woman takes on the voice of her cat. Screenshot.

The baby sounding voice of this nice cat owner reflects the sound of the voice of her young cat which is entirely typically but quite noticeable in this video. We see it ofen, humans putting on strange sounding voices when communicating with their cat. It would be nice to do a study on this. I’d like to know if there is a difference between woman and men. I suspect that there is. I have heard this cute baby voice from women before when talking to their cat. I put on an artificial voice too, but it is not a baby voice. I do it instinctively and unconsciously.

The Video

The video is below. It may load slowly.

The experts say that baby talk enhances the relationship between child and parent. Baby talk to your cat must do the same thing and it is humanising cats which is also normal and okay as long as people don’t expect their cat to behave like a human 🙂 . If you do that you can be disappointed sometimes. You have to respect the cat inside the cat. To do otherwise is liable to achieve the opposite: it can harm the relationship.

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