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Woman takes selfie with her recently deceased cat on her chest — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve been where she is 7 times in the last decade and when it was time for my ‘Mysterymine’ to cross over to Rainbow Bridge I was broke and I created a gofundme to help with his euthanisia and his cremation,it was so hard asking for help but I pushed those thoughts away and hoped for the best and 1 facebooker actually paid for the whole thing,I was so humbled and so torn at the same time,losing a pet is just like losing family.

  2. So odd. I have pictures of Kitten at her cremation. I only took them because my husband was too bereaved to even go with me that day. They will never be shared. I only shared the photo from the day she was euthanized with my husband holding her because so many had followed our journey i needed to let them complete the journey with us. It seemed unfair to shut them out at the end.
    Everyone deals with grief their own way.

    • I found the picture a bit odd too to be honest. I think it was taken to tug at the heartstrings of views to raise money. I am being horribly cynical and skeptical but….

      • I have shared things online to help others and to purge my own grief but sharing the pictures of my deceased little girl would be beyond me and in my honest opinion disrespectful to her. Especially if I were trying to raise money with that picture.
        We were also left with massive veterinary bills and it never occurred to me to start a fund raiser for someone else to pay for them. We paid them off ourselves. Realistically if I let my heart rule and dumped 5 bucks into every hard luck case I would go broke in a week.

        • I am the same. The idea of online fund raisers for veterinary bills has grown in popularity. It is a new idea and I don’t agree with it. It is like begging. It just seems wrong to me. Or am I being too harsh? That said not everyone has the funds to look after their cats due to unusual circumstances.

  3. Oh bless her, for being so present so brave to take and share such a shockingly, isolated moment. It is shocking and captures that terrible finality, perfectly.

    It’ll be early days yet for her maybe. Just two months is sometimes just when grieving gets going. Different for all I think.

    Same here regarding the intensity of the loss when another massively loved, shared little life has gone. It never gets any easier, no matter the future or current suffering that is being ended. It is a living, feeling friend who has gone. A real and important life.

    I hope she is doing ok.

    • Being cynical as I am, I did not want to say it in the article but I wondered if she took the selfie for financial reasons. It certainly generated interest.

      • Vet bills are ferociously high, I am not sure we can judge anyone harshly when they are stricken with grief. Yep, I did just type that, me the mighty cynic.

        So many people want to do the best for their cats and it is very easy to lose sight of escalating costs. Especially when it is a beloved friend who is very sick and dying.

        Poverty, austerity has had a huge impact on compassion, at the same time, the internet has given us the ability to raise funds, when previously, all seemed hopeless.

        The net is alive with scammers, but I don’t think this lady is one. The net has also allowed, nay, encouraged us to share previously desperately personal and sad moments.

  4. Yes, I have never grieved as deeply for anything as I have for my cats when they died… It’s too much for words to express, which may be why it manifests that way now that I think about it. It’s so profound that it gave me pause to love others as much or to have as many as I did at one time. Love lost for a person’s come close though – but was different.

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