Woman using a handgun’s laser sight to play with a cat shoots a man accidentally

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN-NEWS AND COMMENT: The story is summed up in the title. A man, James Daniels, was on bond for a charge of first-degree recklessly endangering safety while armed. He had signed a bond which prohibited him from having any weapons. He brought a handgun to a Kenosha apartment complex. In an apartment there were two women, one of them the 19-year-old that you see in the photograph below. Her name is Jashanti Pleasant. She decided to use the laser sight on the handgun to play with a cat in the apartment.

Woman who was using gun's laser sight to play with a cat shot a man accidentally
Woman who was using gun’s laser sight to play with a cat shot a man accidentally. Image: Fox6.
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She said that the gun accidentally went off. She believed that there are no bullets in the magazine of the gun. The bullet that she fired struck James Daniels in the leg. She apologised to Daniels who said it was okay. A tourniquet was applied to the man’s leg. He had left the apartment and went to another where the police found him.

Jashanti Pleasant was charged with the negligent use of a weapon. She was released on bond. Daniels was treated in hospital.

Comment: It seems that Daniels left the apartment to try and avoid the police knowing that he was in breach of his bond. As for using the laser sight of a handgun as a cat toy, well that’s another story. In addition to the possibility of an accidental shooting, there is also the question as to the strength of the laser. There would seem to be the possibility of harming a cat’s eyes accidentally if the laser entered the eye.

All-in-all not a good idea to use a handgun laser as a cat toy. But at least check that there are no bullets in the thing.


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