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Woman wanted to move home to save her cats but they were taken from her — 3 Comments

  1. Authorities don’t get the reality of most things like this, and they end up being more cruel to people and their pets and counter-productive to their own goals.

    • Yes, they should have waited for her to move. That was the humane solution. But appears that the mayor disliked her and was keen to disrupt her life.

  2. Women and their cats have been the easy targets of bullies for thousands of years.

    I feel sorry for Kimberly and her stolen cats. I believe that laws that dictate numbers of cats allowed, although well meant, often result in more strays, ferals and sadly, as in the case of the cat who ran into the road, dead cats.

    Whatever happened to compassion? There was no need for the police to be such thugs. It sounds as if the mayor was pursuing a personal grudge. That is an abuse of her position & office.

    Women are so frequently the deadly enemies of other women. The sisterhood is a myth.

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